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The Morning After the Night Before: 12 August 2016

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When Patrick Roy went crazy (again), and a new 'Hawks' team looked likely...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports do you review the last day around the NHL? Patrick Roy's resignation as coach of the Avs was bizarre, unexpected, yet entirely in keeping with his unfathomable character. I am sure that Joe Sakic is a relieved man, and that this team is going to be back in the playoffs come the end of the season. One less spot for us to grab.

What else happened around the league?

- If you haven't yet read up on Roy's tantrum, here are a few pieces. [Avs site / ESPN / Sportsnet / Montreal Gazette]

- The Las Vegas Nighthawks. Sound good? I'm not sold. Plenty still to decide when it comes to naming the league's new franchise. [CBS]

- Nick Bonino, good guy? Surely not. [NHL]

- I make it three days until Jimmy "Bloody" Vesey signs his contract. I believe I may dislike the kid more than Radim Vrbata. [Boston Herald]

- In sad news for the Comets, their announcer Brendan Burke has been given the gig for the Islanders. Great news for the Islanders, and the league in general. He's one of the good ones. [Utica OD]

- Everyone hates us, we don't care. Despite there being a full two months of trades, signings, PTOs, injuries, World Cup, training camp and Bettman-meddling, there are already predictions for next season's standings. Pleas note: anyone who thinks this team is finishing below Arizona needs taking out to pasture. [The Hockey Writers]

- Taco news now. Eddie Lack clearly learned a thing or two from Daniel Sedin. [The Province]

- Speaking of Dank, in a not-speaking-about-him way, Henrik Zetterberg has been named captain of Team Sweden for the pointless World Cup of Hockey. Wrong Henrik guys. [NHL]

- Let's get back onto left wingers. Sven Baertschi and his girlfriend are saving animals. I believe that trumps Nick Bonino, right? [Vancouver Sun]

- Jamie Oleksiak's sister won another medal. He's going to develop a complex at this rate. [NHL]

- And finally, Justin Bieber is good at hockey. "Sorry" for going there people. "What Do You Mean", I took the joke too far? "Mark My Words", this is just a "One Time" thing. "I'll Show You". [NHL]

Question for the day: If Miller and Markstrom both go down injured for a month, what do you do?