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The Morning After the Night Before: 11 August 2016

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When NHL 17 finally got interesting, and Radim Vrbata just wouldn't go away...

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Okay guys and gals, I'm going to admit it. I'm really unhappy. After one of the dreariest seasons I've ever seen from our Vancouver Canucks, there is this stupid, and quite frankly upsetting, rumor that Radim "The Bad Dream" Vrbata may still be courted by management.


And.....breathe. Let's take our minds off the awful prospect of a 15pt Vrbata playing on our 3rd line, and look at what's happening around the league. That usually makes me feel better.

- NHL 17 news: Franchise Mode looks fantastic. Not everyone wants to set prices for cola and t-shirts, but I sure as hell do. I also want to relocate the Flames to Oklahoma, and the Oilers to Indianapolis. Just because. [The Hockey Writers]

- The full pre-season schedule is out, in case anyone cares after watching the money-grab World Cup of Hockey. [Sportsnet]

- In today's biggest news, Big Willie and Hammer have teamed up to purchase a motel in Tofino. Form an orderly queue. [CBC]

- Dan Rosen's random made-up mailbag, with more on Jimmy "Bloody" Vesey. [NHL]

- Jamie Oleksiak's sister has won three medals at the Rio Olympics. Way to upstage your brother! [NHL]

- Canada's kids are doing things the hard way, as they struggle through this year's Ivan Hlinka Tournament. They face Finland next, but it's to decide which of them finishes 5th and 6th. No gold medals this year. [Ivan Hlinka Tournament site]

- Canucks Army debate Hudler vs Vrbata. It really is no debate. Anyone who thinks Benning should re-sign Vrbata needs to be sectioned, put on heavy meds, head shaved, and a film made of how sad their lives have become. It would be the worst signing Benning could make, more so than bringing back Raffi, trading for Yannick Weber or re-signing Matt Bartkowski. DO NOT DO IT! [Canucks Army]

- James Wisniewski is on a PTO with Tampa. Dude has some major injury history. [The Score]

- If you want to see how not to write, read this piece about how the Gretzky trade 'would' have gone down in the social media era. If you're going to impersonate the very best of the hockey Twitterati, do it properly. [The Score]

Question of the day: Which player do you think will pace the Comets in scoring this season?