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The Morning After the Night Before: 8 July 2016

In praise of Jim Benning, with love for Jacob Markstrom, and with sadness for events in Dallas.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Today is one of those days where you have to sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and thank the Maker that Jim Benning is a good General Manager. For those of you who doubt that, here is a list of his transactions this summer:

- 7 July - Jacob Markstrom extension - 3 years, £3.67m AAV
- 1 July - Loui Eriksson signing - 6 years, $6m AAV
- 1 July - Philip Larsen signing - 1 year, $1.025m
Let Vrbata, Vey, Bartkowski and Weber walk
27 June - Emerson Etem extension - 1 year, $775k
16 June - Sven Baertschi extension - 2 years, $1.85m AAV
25 May - acquired Erik Gudbranson
19 April - Michael Garteig signing - 1 year, $925k (but only $70k at AHL level)
26 April - Markus Granlund extension - 2 years, $900k AAV
20 April - Thatcher Demko ELC signing
13 April - Troy Stecher signing - 2 years, $925k AAV (but only $70k at AHL level)

Compared to some of the UFA signings made, and some of the trades conducted, we should consider ourselves very fortunate that our GM has acquired a top line forward, secured the future of two excellent goalies, rid our team of deadwood, acquired a top 4 RHD, and signed our young talent to cheap deals, as well as signing two of the very best college free agents. Jim Benning, I salute you.

Around the league:

- Jacob Markstrom is here to stay. Great signing.

- From CBC, the AHL has introduced stricter rules on fighting. Not nearly strict enough in my opinion.

- insults everyone with their latest rankings - this time it's the top 25 goalies. Considering there are 25 names, plus 5 'nearly' names, and not one is a Canuck...LEAGUE BIAS PROVEN.

- Sportsnet now, and Mikhail Sergachev is turning heads at the Canadiens' camp. OMGZ WE SHOULDA HADZ SERGACHOV!!!!

- Try not to laugh too loudly as you read this beauty of a piece from Elite Sports NY on the coming dark age for the Rags.

And finally, we should all take a moment to reflect on the tragedy unfolding in Dallas. Yes, there are unspeakable incidents involving the police on a daily basis. Yes, it's unfortunate on every occasion. But the police officers on duty in Dallas were doing their job, and some were killed for it. There can be no justification of such violence, and my only hope as I sit in ol' Blighty is that our American cousins can unite together, and not let these awful events of recent days become something much worse.

So with that sad ending, here is today's question: Which current Canuck will see the biggest increase in production next season?