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The Morning After the Night Before: 7 July 2016

When the free agents stopped signing and the Vegas boys 'won'

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another pot of weird and wonderful storylines around the NHL. Let's jump straight into it:

- Sportsnet has published a 'summer power rankings' to show how each team has improved. Apparently the Canucks have improved less than the Blackhawks, who lost Ladd and Teravainen, and LA, who replaced Lucic and Lecavalier with Purcell and Latta. Righto.

- The New York Times has a heartfelt tribute to Lou Fontinato, who died on Sunday. If you like your old-time hockey, this is a must-read - they simply do not make guys like this anymore.

- Not content with under-rating the Sedins AGAIN, ranks the top 50 D for the upcoming season. Montreal swapped the #4 for the #14, although for me Shea Weber will be a top #10 D in this league until the day he retires. Needless to say, there are no Canucks on this list. Which will make look pretty stupid when Alex Edler wins his Norris Trophy this season.

- Sportsnet again, telling us how Las Vegas were the real winners of free agency. If you want to know how, read on. Unless you're afraid of losing Etem, Rodin or Granlund to expansion. In which case, head straight to your nearest watering hole and get leathered.

- It's a couple of days old, but interesting tid-bits from our saviour, Trevor Linden.

- My arch-enemy Paul Bissonette signed a contract with the Ontario Reign. Seems the John Scott factor is alive and well.

- The Canes are still $4m off the cap floor. Is it too late to trade Miller for Lack?

- Our prospects had a relay on Shawnigan Lake. Who won? Watch here.

And finally, today's question: If you could have one Canucks alumni come back and join the coaching staff, who would you bring back?