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The Morning After the Night Before: What else will free agency bring us?

A look around the league and ahead to the future.

MayRayDown, finish your drink!
MayRayDown, finish your drink!
Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

We're now deep into free agency - the Canucks have their 1st line winger in Loui Eriksson, our PP specialist in Philip Larsen, as well as plenty of Utica depth. Linden Vey no longer wears the orca; Matt Bartkowski has been swallowed by a black hole; and Radim Vrbata is somewhere out there, staring at you right now through a pair of binoculars. No, really, he is.

Where to next for the Canucks, and free agency?

- 24 players filed for salary arbitration yesterday. No Canucks there this time. You have to think that there are some hefty raises coming, as there are some stellar names on that list.

- A lovely piece on Sportsnet about why being drafted isn't the be-all-and-end-all. I wholeheartedly agree, and with Jim Benning as GM, I believe we will be adding to that Burrows/Tanev list over the coming years.

- has updated its 100 most valuable forwards list. I don't know who they get to put these lists together, but having Daniel at #40 and Henrik at #73 just doesn't feel right. Daniel finished 36th in forward scoring, Henrik 57th.

- Mason Raymond was signed by the 2011 Vancouver Canucks Anaheim Ducks. Good for him. Please will someone pass on the MayRayDown drinking game rules to our friends at Anaheim Calling?

- Speaking of MayRay, The Hockey Writers have done a great piece on Raymond vs Boedker: Battle of the hopeless-forwards-who-can-skate-really-really-fast. Read it, it will make you feel better. And laugh at the Sharks some more for signing Boedker.

- Wherefore art thou, Andrey Pedan?

And finally, the Canucks have opened their Development Camp a couple of days ago. I'm a big fan of our prospect pool and it will be interesting to see how the newcomers take to our organization. As someone who's done the Grouse Grind in 54 minutes, I always like to see how the kids take to it. Prospect camp roster is here, with the schedule here - if anyone manages to attend any of the events, please do tell us about your experience. These kids are the future of this team, our future Stanley Cup hopefuls. Let's get behind them!

Question for the day: outside of Demko, Boeser and Juolevi, which of the kids are you most excited about seeing develop?