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Let's Ask A (Bad) Question About Evander Kane

Do you want to see Kane and his off-the-ice baggage make a return trip home?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

...sheesh, I didn't think this theme would keep going but here goes...

As the quest for additional scoring options continues, the Canucks have been linked to yet another target, this time homegrown product Evander Kane.

You remember him right? He did this for the Vancouver Giants:

He does this at the NHL level:

And while we're at it, he's also known for these fun headlines:

Former Jets bench boss Noel dishes on coaching Evander Kane - 2014

Jets star Evander Kane slapped with B.C. suit - 2014

A timeline of Evander Kane ‘episodes’ with Jets - 2015

Sabres' Evander Kane says he is innocent amid sex crime investigation - 2015

Sabres forward Evander Kane arrested for June bar incident - 2016

Sure seems like Kane is heading down a Zack Kassian trajectory doesn't it? Oh.

So good times are here again! One the one hand you have the natural intrigue in a "power forward" to fill out the holes in the top six topped with his roots in the area combined with all the trade rumor chatter to the point the team president admitted as much (but not enough to be classified as tampering because only a heathen does that). On the other hand it's exceedingly logical to admit you have a rebuilding squad, likely a few years away from playoff relevancy, that may want to keep the focus on the development of the prospects and not invite another potential distraction (to speak nothing about the pending legal issues that could force him off the ice) in a city that offers one or two.

Note I'm not taking anything away from Kane as a player, but we've seen this scenario before and it tends not to end well. To accept Kane on the team means cutting some others to wedge that $5.2 million dollar salary into the mix. Perhaps Buffalo wants this done so quickly that they don't rake Benning over the coals to make it happen, but players like Kane - assuming the off-the-ice things disappear - are potential game-changers that Buffalo likely won't hand out for free either.

He could make Vancouver a hell of a lot more dangerous on a nightly basis. Vancouver also isn't one player away from solving it's problems and Kane could blow up an evolving dressing room while creating added headaches for management and drama for a team and fanbase that's had their full.

What say you?