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Let's Ask A Bad Question About Chris Tanev

Is it October yet? I'll even take late August at this point.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Just in case you missed it the vaunted Winnipeg Jets signed Brandon Tanev, the younger brother of our friend and bright light in these dark times Chris Tanev. Though that's not the only reason the name Tanev is in the news.

The story is as follows: Jim Benning is on record saying he wants to find another top six scoring winger which don't grow on trees (thanks Obama) so it begs the question of what he's willing to give up to make this happen. Since the Canucks aren't that deep on top-end talent, you don't have to squint much at the current roster to see where the valuable chips are.

Enter sir Tanev. As Botchford suggests, moving Tanev represents "the type of value that can be game changers for a rebuilding team." He's right, though conversely it represents the type of transaction that can doom Vancouver to Edmonton-level status for the next decade without the benefit of a zillion first round selections.

Smarter folks than me can explain in vivid detail why moving Tanev is a bad idea, including his underlying stellar puck possession and shot suppression numbers. Tanev, along with Edler, Hutton, Gudbranson and I guess we need to toss Larsen in their for the pending PP experiment, represent the top defenseman who will have to help this team navigate the "it's getting ugly out there" Pacific Division. To speak nothing of Tanev's unspoken value on the open market, losing him puts a simply huge hole at the top of their blueline and they don't have Hamhuis around anymore to help play shutdown. If scoring wingers don't grow on trees, undrafted defensive blue chips sure don't either.

It's arguably better to assume/hope/pray that Benning focuses on moving another piece to find his winger (Sbisa of course for the LOLs, but it's probably time to talk about Hansen again) and not potentially gut one of the few OK areas on the roster in the hopes they can score a few more goals and probably still walk away with the L. Alternatively just accept the fact Vancouver is a team battling for a wild card spot at best, throw more kids at the problem and see where the team ends up by the quarter season mark.

What say you?