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The Morning After the Night Before: 18 July 2016

When dreams of Jamie Benn were crushed and molded into miniature sculptures of teary-eyed Nucks fans...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Busy weekend eh? The sun finally came out here in Blighty, and I hid inside all weekend. Which means I've read up on what's been happening around the NHL:

- Jamie Benn is a Dallas Star for another 8 years at $9.5m per season. This is my internet sad face :( [Dallas News]

- Jaden Schwartz is signed too. Shame, I liked this kid. But not at that cap hit. [St Louis Game Time, our SB Nation brethren]

- Alex Killorn signed a 7 year extension with Tampa. That $4.45m cap hit looks a touch expensive to me, and I worry about how much Bo Horvat is going to command for a similar long-term extension next summer. Also, Nikita Kucherov is going to take all of Tampa's spare cap space. [Tampa Bay Times]

- Brandon Carlo thinks he can make the Bruins' team this fall. Looking at their D, I agree. [CSNNE]

- That man PK Subban is doing all the right things in Nashville. If my team had traded Shea Weber I'd still be crying. But boy oh boy is PK doing everything he can to win over every man, woman and child in Music City. [Preds site]

- Stanley Cup tour time, and Sidney Crosby had a fun day. [USA Today]

- Meanwhile, the Kessel family had a good time with the Cup too. [Sports Illustrated]

- Jimmy Vesey still doesn't have a team. I honestly think this kid is holding out for the 1986 Oilers to sign him. JUST SIGN A CONTRACT ALREADY! [NBC]

- When the season begins, we'll have our next 500 goal scorer. Marian Hossa, who I had no idea was so close to such a prestigious milestone. [The Score]

- Brock Boeser story alert: he's playing another year in NCAA to develop his leadership skills. I REALLY like this kid. []

- Not that I care, but if anyone does, here's a catch-up piece on Martin St Louis. []

Question for the day: What is more important for a prospect to have - maturity and determination or natural flair and showmanship?