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The Morning After the Night Before: 12 July 2016

When agents are busy getting deals done before arbitration hearings...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time guys and gals. Summer is here, hockey is done, free agency has fizzled out and what do we have left? Empty souls. Fear not though, here are some snippets from around the league!

- Sportsnet report that Las Vegas may be close to naming their first ever General Manager. Dale Tallon would have been a smart choice, but he apparently wasn't even interviewed.

- I missed these at the time, but Olli Juolevi was writing a blog for during development camp. He's not even on the payroll and they're making him work.

- The arbitration dates are shown here on Sports Illustrated. Don't tell my wife I was on that site.

- A nice piece from the Chicago Sun Times on Nick Schmaltz, of Brock-Boeser's-line fame.

- Kuzma with a reminder on why we should love Alex Burrows forever. The guy is invaluable.

- Marc Bergevin is going to have to defend this trade until the day he's fired. I like it from a Habs perspective, but boy are Habs fans mad. is not going to let this go either.

- CBC bringing us community news, with some NHL legends inspiring young kids. Lucky kids.

- The Hockey Writers with their three draftees that teams will regret passing on. Let's hope Matthew Tkachuk doesn't make such lists in future.

- Today's Slapshot tells us which three players were drafted too early. This should be re-named the 'Annual Boston Bruins Draft Mistake Awards'.

- Botch with the low-down on Philip Larsen. I'll admit I haven't read this piece, but I saw two words. Cam Barker.

- Jeff-Pat with the most sensible article I've read this year.

Question of the day: Do you re-sign Alex Burrows for next season to a 1 year, $700k deal?