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It's not even July 1 and the NHL went nuts.

The Canucks have nothing so far but we know PK Subban and Steve Stamkos won't be in Vancouver next year.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

So….how are you feeling right now?

I feel pretty darn good not to be a fan of Montreal or Edmonton right now. (I would never want to be a Leafs fan.) July 1st hasn’t even got here and yet the excitement might be over. No Subban and especially no Stamkos. Stamkos was never really in the realm of possibilities. He wanted big bucks, but also realized that TB has several more shots at getting a cup with Drouin, Johnson and Hedman. I think he left money on the table just so there is space for future signings. (Hometown discount!)

The Subban/Weber trade has left twitter on fire and Habs fans are calling for the literal head of Marc Bergavin.

Guess what Marc, just walking down the street might be difficult for you now. Buying groceries might be difficult. I definitely wouldn’t trust your waiter.

I like Shea Weber, I want him on my team….now. But if I already had PK Subban then I would be batshit crazy to trade him, even for Weber.

As for the Taylor Hall to NJ trade. I just don’t get it. I love it, but I don’t understand it. Did Milan Lucic say that Hall had to go before he would sign there? Couldn’t you have got a better deal than Adam Larsson? All I know is I am happy not to have to see Hall streaking past our defensemen next year.

The Stamkos resigning does knock some reality into Canuck fans that have been drinking the kool-aid and thinking Stamkos would ever come to Van. We all want to believe that the beautiful city and the Sedins can draw big names in their prime, but it’s just not so.

So the question becomes, now what? With all this money available to GMJB, will he overspend to just please the masses that want change or will be able to sign a FA or two to reasonable amounts like Stamkos and Seth Jones received. Or will he strike out all together? No Lucic…..No Ladd…..No Erikkson…..No Okoposo…you get the idea.

Is Loui Erikkson really worth $5.5 million over 6 years? I know it’s not your money, but he has only scored 30 goals twice in his career and he’s 30 years old. It’s like we have to pay for past performance. Can he score 30 with the Sedins, probably, but not for the next 6 years. I would be surprised if he scores 30 goals in any 2 future seasons.

Lucic….no thanks. I have always been against going after Lucic. You can throw all the stats and propaganda of "big player" at me, but he is not suited for playing with the Sedins therefore is not worth the $6 million/yr he probably get from some other team.

On the other end of the spectrum, Andrew Ladd is not made to play with the Sedins but I would pay him $6 million/yr to be on a line with Bo. I would hope the hometown boy would love and play for the Nucks, but alas he has stated he wants to win now. Sounds like the Nucks……in 2010.

I admit that I don’t know much about Okoposo. He is young enough to grow with this new core of players and be a leader. The unknown of Okoposo is can he produce away from Tavares and is it worth $6 million/yr? (looking at you Matt Moulson)

There is a large part of me that wants GMJB to sit on his hands and let this team ride it out this year. The Sedins deserve better than that though and I think the Aquilinis want to show the fans that they want to win. So someone will get singed after July 1st, though it might be Thomas Vanek.

If no big names come to Vancouver it does give GMJB the opportunity to trade Burrows and eat more of the salary to make it enticing. (I know…blasphemy). Do you resign Hammer to a 2 year deal if he’s still available?

I think Ryan Miller will be spot on again this year as it is the end my friend. And Ryan needs a new contract next year. I would expect Miller to be traded before the deadline, but I said that about Hamhuis and Vrbata last year, so who knows.

Friday won’t be as big as we all hoped, but it should still be entertaining. I’ll be celebrating my daughter’s birthday so I may have to wait until July 2 to see where the chips fell. Hey, only 3 and a half months to go until opening night.