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The Great Nucks Misconduct Group Rosterbation Session, 2016

Where we all wear masks and rosterbate together.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

So that was fun, right? The 2016 NHL Entry Draft was another exciting event for this franchise, and one with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Columbus threw us all off with the selection of Dubois at #3, and Benning threw most of us (but not the NM Brain Trust) by selecting Olli Juolevi at #5. A potential 1-2 Dman with no particular faults, a cool name and great hair? While he wasn't the player I originally wanted, I've already warmed to the selection.

However with all that being said, our attentions now turn to the most important part of the long summer...Free Agency Frenzy. Where average hockey players make out like bandits (I'm looking at you, Mikkel Boedker) and cost GMs their jobs in 2-3 years' time. So, what is in store for the Canucks?

We have rumors aplenty: Milan Lucic, Mikkel Boedker, Loui Eriksson, Andrew Ladd, Darren Helm. Stamkos and Subban, although we're probably not allowed to talk about them. And plenty of opportunities to change the face of this team.

The question is, how will Free Agency go for the Canucks, and what would YOU do on 1 July? I hereby offer full rosterbatory privileges to all NM faithful - give it your very best shot. How will this team shape up come October?