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Draft Review

How did we do at the draft this weekend?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2016 draft in the books, we need to take a look at what exactly we added to the organization.  After a bunch of links, I'll put my 2 cents in!

Listen in on what the boss, one Trevor Linden had to say about the draft, as well as a few comments about Jimbo's candid and open discussions in the media!

Take a look at what Director of Amateur Scouting Judd Brackett had to say about our newest acquisitions

Alright, there's a brief overview from the guy who's name is attached to each one of these players.  Did you believe he would say anything other than positive things about the players they drafted?  Sounds like a variety of skillsets covered with these selections.

Cool!  We've heard from the organization, now let's take a listen to some fans via everyone's favorite social media site, Twitter!

A bit of a mixed bag here.  Let's take a look at some blogger twitter accounts, maybe that will clarify things:

That's kinda sassy!

Alright, I guess it's up to us to formulate our own opinion on this year's draft.

I spoke with the brilliant Yankee Canuck about his take on the draft, and here's what he had to say: Vancouver played it safe, which is fine... Should make for an interesting training camp in 2017-18.  Sounds about right, we should have Boeser and Juolevi fighting for roster spots by then, and Demko will be one year closer to taking over the crease on the West Coast.  Lots of room for optimism here!

From my perspective, it was an average draft considering where our picks landed.  This year's draft was not overly deep in 18 year old talent, which resulted in many teams reaching back into the 2015 eligible players to fill their draft cards.  This could result in fewer busts given the fact that the scouts have had an extra year to compile notes on some over age players!

My Opinion by Player

Juolevi is exactly the type of player that we are lacking in the system (yeah, yeah, I know shoulda taken the forward cuz MOAR GOALS, and MOAR SIZE).

Lockwood will be going to Michigan to learn how to be a pro (seriously, look at their alumni, it's impressive).  Expect him to be a much more well rounded hockey player in a couple seasons.  Now keep in mind, this player is a 3rd round pick and has a pretty likelihood of being an NHL player.  If he makes the league, and plays 400 games, he's made a pretty good career for his draft slot!

Candella is an interesting 5th round selection with some real promise provided that his injuries this season are not an omen of things to come.

Stukel was a point per game player after being traded from the Vancouver Giants to the Calgary Hitmen.  Not too many 6th round picks can have that said about them.

Abols is a known commodity to the organization.  They felt strongly enough to secure his services and use a 7th round pick on him.  I watched him closely in Penticton, I think there's something to be excited about with this player!

McKenzie has the talent to be an NHLer, but is in desperate need of some consistency!  If he can have a great final season in the OHL, he will be well positioned to earn a contract in 2017-18.

Alright, my thoughts are here, but yours aren't!!!!!  Class, your homework for tonight is to leave me your thoughts on this year's draft class.  You can agree with me, or disagree, or whatever combination you so choose...