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Draft Day Rumblings

A quick, dirty rundown of all the players connected to Vancouver in the past 24 hours.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Q: How many players have been linked to Vancouver in the past 24 hours?

A: Basically all of them.

In no certain order...

Milan Lucic

"He’s from Vancouver, he’s been a good payer in the league for a long time. A unique player, a power forward. We would definitely have interest in him." - Jim Benning, June 23, 2016

For the second straight year we're going to entertain this idea of filling the long-empty power forward role from the Bertuzzi days with the Vancouver native who loves his hometown very much. Whether or not you think a rebuilding team needs a player like Lucic can be debated to death (sort of like every other move Vancouver makes!) but the real question is the money and terms. UFA is a bad time to try and score a deal with a notable winger and, while Vancouver has plenty of cap space at the moment, it'll take one deal with stupid numbers and laced with a NTC to kill their cap flexibility.

That's the scariest part of the Lucic chatter. If the numbers makes sense, great, then all that's left will be the boiling twitter rage at the deal. If the numbers suck and Vancouver continues to drunkenly stagger towards a bottom five spot for the next few seasons, someone should lose their job.

Update: From Friedman's 30 Thoughts this morning:

Milan Lucic‘s negotiations with the Los Angeles Kings got really ugly. At the end of their season it seemed close, then turned into a 50-car pileup. Among the problems: the Kings, as is their philosophy, were not willing to offer much in the way of no-trade protection.

Oh sweet Christ...

P.K. Subban

"It's a long way from completing a deal like that...there's lots of teams that have reached out to them to find out what it would take to try to complete a deal of that magnitude. It's a high price." - Jim Benning, June 23, 2016

Move along, nothing to see here.

Steven Stamkos

"He's going to have lots of interest from lots of teams throughout the league. There will be teams that have more money to spend than we do, but we're going to talk to him and see where it goes." - Jim Benning, June 23, 2016

The chatter here is a costly package (Horvat plus Edler and the first round pick) to acquire the rights to chat with Stamkos prior to July 1. In short, it doesn't pass the smell test and, as with Subban, Benning is doing his job as GM in simply asking about the player. No harm in that.

Oh! And Benning could be facing tampering charges for opening his mouth about Stamkos anyway. That's poetic.

Loui Eriksson

Eriksson could be a pivotal part of that equation, helping to keep the Canucks afloat offensively in the meantime, suiting up beside the Sedins to give them one last shot at competing for a playoff spot, and imparting some veteran wisdom onto the team’s young scorers. - Slapshot, June 11, 2016

Eriksson lands a lot easier on my eyes than Lucic does, coming off a strong 30-goal season, is a strong player at both ends of the ice, has the obvious Swedish influence to mess well with the twins at ES and PP and Benning has the Boston connection with him. However, just as with Lucic, there's the threat of throwing stupid money and terms at him. Boston is balking at his request for six years (which would make him 36 at the end of the contract) and honestly Benning should balk at that as well.