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Benning Talks About The Draft And Free Agency With TSN

Jim Benning talked extensively about the up-coming draft and free agency with TSN's Farhan Lalji here.

It appears he is happy with a top 5 pick. He made it clear that he has had interesting calls for a trade on that pick, that he will draft a top 4 defenceman or top 6 forward with that pick and not rush them into the NHL if they are not ready. He also made it clear that he is trying to acquire more picks through a trade.......that he is going to add a couple of key pieces via free agency to help the youngsters....much emphasis on a forward who can put up the points.

Pretty solid interview I thought. But am I the only person who gets annoyed when he finishes sentences in an inquisitive form? This isn't like...1995 ffs. Regardless I trust this man, even if he talks like Reese Witherspoon.