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Oh Snap!

Marianne Helm/Getty Images

Who Is This Guy?


HEIGHT: 6' 5"




BORN: 5 SEP 1991 (AGE 24)



Cap Hit: $585,000 (expires 2017)

Alex's Late Bloomer background story is here.

"If you can get bigger guys and late-bloomers, like Chris Tanev…..we were looking for those guys... There were a lot of similarities on these guys. You hope that two years down the road you’re seeing some results."

- Canucks Assistant General Manager Lorne Henning   (Oct. 2011)

From Hockey's Future:

Grenier is a late bloomer who combines size, skating ability and offensive skill into an attractive package. Despite not breaking into the QMJHL until he was 19-years-old, Grenier is surprisingly mobile for his size and has shown steady improvement at the AHL level. He has the vision and offensive ability to either set up a goal or score one himself and has become more effective as he continues to grow into his frame, add strength and use his body effectively.

What Did He Do ?

Before we get get to the tators, let's look at the meat of his season in the far east with the Comets:

2015-16 Regular Season Utica Comets 69 16 32 48 -3 158 43 0 2 0 0.000
2014-15 Regular Season Utica Comets 67 17 26 43 13 182 71 2 3 0 0.667
2013-14 Regular Season Utica Comets 68 17 22 39 -12 156 56 2 7 0 0.286

Pretty impressive numbers in the AHL. 48 team-leading points! You just know he's gonna bring it with...yes...with the Sedins.

Willie knew it too:

"He is a smart player. He is good offensively, he is good with the puck, he has got good size. I think his challenge is going to be how hard he works away from the puck and just his speed overall. He needs to probably get a little bit quicker for our game."

Hank said so too: (This isn't a setup)

"He played really good," the Canucks’ captain said. "I liked the way he reads off me and Daniel. He was able to get to the spots when he needed to. You can tell that he understands what to do out there."

Celebrating with his buddies

Celebrating Tryamkin's 1st point as a Canuck, not Alex. Oh well..

Hank's quote was after the 3-1 loss to the Avs during the Canucks Spring Droop.

It was a droop, not a tank, despite the supporting artwork and sworn fan affidavits (as I recall there was a lot of swearing).

They're even making a movie about the Nucks spring sucktacular performance:

The Big Droop. Watch for it on CATFLIX.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: When I say "They're even making a movie", I mean me and the cats are going to make a feature length 3 minute youtube expose on the mistreatment of  droopy-eyed Canucks fans and their cats in the Sportsnet forums)

jimmi cynic

Come on, jimmi! Just show us Alex's stats! We can take it. (mostly)

Ok! Ok! Maybe it was a little bit of a setup. Alex played only 6 games, had no goals or assists and was a minus 4. But, he was 50% in the dot, so probably led the team in that stat - as a winger! He won one out of the two he took. No, really. Not that faceoffs are important. Or small sample sizes. Hitting is the important part. Alex had 5 of those, almost 1 per game.

He has the mandatory Twitter account with over 2500 followers - but won't be winning the pithy prize on the internet.

What Did We Like?

Alex is one hell of a free ice interpretive performance artist. And he inspires others.

He even got Cracker to do his crazy dance in the middle of a game (Which is probably why they let Cracker get claimed on waivers - spread the crazy ice crazies around the division - No Kass, I'm not looking at you.)

Watch this slick GWG:

Oh...right, he didn't score with the Canucks this season. Moving on.

Let's watch this one where he almost had an assist:

What Did We Hate?

He's not 18 years old and destined to be our new 1C. (That position is still vacant, Mr. Mathews, in case you find the center of the universe too claustromyopic)

Grenier was a call-up when the Nucks were duelling with the injury faeries. And losing.

Not enough games to have enough to hate about, other than he made no memorable impression. Those last 5 games were in the dark stinky belly of the big droop - when no one on the team could save the team from itself.

So, What Now?

He seems to have the (AHL) power forward tools, but the toolbox isn't yet NHL complete. Alex is a late bloomer - he's 24 and has barely a decade before he's over the NHL hill and can retire to the Big Joe Hillbilly Facial Hair Day Spa.

Or he's an AHL lifer.

He has one year left on his contract. And not JB's pick.

Will he get the call to try out at next season's training camp?

Or will JB trade him to Calgary for AHL superstar, Hunter Shinkaruk?

That is for you deck-chair-GMs and JB to decide.