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5th you say? What happens now?

The Canucks fanbase should have expected this. A season of tank couldn't even end right.

What should the guy do?
What should the guy do?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So how was this supposed to go again? Play the youth this year and suck, then get rewarded by the lottery gods with a top three pick because we’re due. Tanking is the answer to all of a team’s worries. (except Edmonton). I think the Canucks followed this pretty well. They even had some of the vets take most of the year off so more rookies could play. And some of the vets that did play decided to have off years to help the Nucks suck even more.

And yet…..the Nucks got the 5th pick. 5TH?

How can this be? I mean besides the math that told us from the start that a 3rd to last place finish meant that the luckiest place we would be picking was…..5th. The Canadiens blog “Eyes on the Prize” made a nice chart and everything to show how the math worked.


See…we didn’t get screwed, we got mathed. The lottery format is the reason we all hated math in high school. We don’t like the tank when a team like Edmonton does it so often we call it an “Oiler”. But when our team sucks and comes in 28th place, we believe that means a guaranteed 3rd pick and might have even talked our self into the 1st pick. But math won out. Winnipeg beat math, but we didn’t. Even Toronto beat math, but we can accept that.

We’re going to have to let it go. Maybe not this week, but soon.

The new question is, what to do with the 5th overall pick. We can kiss 2 Finns and a Matthews goodbye, but what will we be left with and how does it fit into the rebuild? (it’s not a retool…we have to admit that as well) The lottery thread gave us our first little taste of what lies ahead on June 24. I think we can all agree that this pick will not be used on a goalie……right? But after that I think we will have many different camps forming.

And I see the camps forming like this:

  1. A center for the future
  2. A 1st pairing defenseman
  3. A forward that can score who is not a center
  4. Trade the pick for a player and a lower pick.

I’ll be honest, I don’t think this pick will be a game changer. And I think the majority will agree with this prognosis. I also don’t want to go through another year of #teamtank. The one hope I have is that there isn’t a Matthews at the end of the next season so the urge to cheer for crappy play will not be as loud.

Benning as actually said a few conflicting things about what the Canucks will do with any pick between 4-6. The line from management in the past has been that they will pick the best “player” available no matter the position they play. But in this draft, there has been talk of trying to get another piece to the blue line.

I am actually in favor of this course of action. The blue of the Canucks has always been average. A mixture of second line guys that occasional have career years that trick us into thinking they can become more than they are. (I’m looking you Edler). We have never had a true #1 defensemen. This might be the year.

The other side of the coin is the Nucks need scoring. They had trouble scoring this year and the Sedins will be gone soon and then what? But since we on’t have picks 1-3, there really is no forward that is a guaranteed 30+ goal scorer or 70+ point player. There are quite a few forwards that might hard to pass up.

In the end, Benning is screwed with 50% of the Canucks fan base anyways.