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Canuck Player Autopsy: Brandon Prust

The Zack Kassian replacement was not much of a replacement, but at least he played for the team he was traded to.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Who's this guy?

Brandon Prust: Prusty, C’mon Prust, Slow-motion Prust, Ok I made up the last two nicknames.

Position: Left Wing

Shoots: Left

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 195 lbs

Born: March 16, 1984 London, Ontario

Prust played junior for the London Knights and was drafted 70th overall by the Calgary Flames in 2004. That was 21 spots ahead of Edler. Besides playing for Calagry, twice, Prust spent 11 games with Phoenix, 2 and a half seasons with the Rangers and then 3 seasons in Montreal. Prust was brought over last summer as part of the trade that sent Zach Kassian and a 5th round pick to the Canadiens. Both teams lost that trade.

What'd he do?

He played a whopping 35 games. Prust scored one goal and here it is.

That was a pretty good goal by a fourth line without much talent in the scoring department. That fourth line had some pop to it at the start of the year. They could grind it out in the corners and pressure the other team. Prust was supposed to replace Kass on the fourth line and provide some "controlled grit" for the Nucks. Brandon obviously doesn’t have the offensive skills Kassian had, but he also didn’t have all the baggage either. I think the optimists in our group were hoping for a 20 point guys that could with the youth. And with this being Prust’s last year before UFA status, I think we all hoped he was playing for a bigger payday from someone else.

Here are the stats for Brandon, they are not pretty, unlike his fiancée.



What'd we like?

You watched the goal above, right?

That was the only point Cracknell/Dorsett/Prust produced this year. I shit you not.

I struggle to find things that were noticeably good.

I know you want me to put a fight or two in here, but I’m saving those.

Can I mention his girlfriend? Wait, she’s on that hockey wives show. I don’t understand why that show would be interesting? Are the wives playing hockey? That might be fun.

I will include this as his play of the year.

What'd we hate?

How much space do I have? I mentioned the one goal right? How about a pitiful 6 assists? The fourth line was really death to offensive possession this year. Even when turnovers were created, new ways were found to not shot the puck. Prust was near the bottom for CF% with 43.0%.

I hate the "what if "of Prust’s year. Prust hurt his ankle on oct 27th versus his old team.

Prust was out for 11 games and when he came back he struggled to get his legs back and healthy scratched quite a few times in favor of Virtanen or McCann. By Feb 2, Prust was placed on waivers and ended up in Utica where he played in 9 more games while scoring 7 more points before shutting it down for the remainder of the year to heal his ankle. Prust admits in this article he came back too early and it hurt his recovery.

You know what was the most noticeable thing about Brandon, I mean besides the slow skating and lack of goal-scoring? It was his staged fighting. I went through and looked at every fight and I am pretty sure that every single one of them was set up before hand. There was no heat of the moment dropping of the gloves like DD. It was almost always at a face off and there was a lot of dancing before any punches were thrown. We shouldn’t be shocked at this though. In fact we should have expected it as Prust laid out his set of rules for why players fight in a Player’s Tribune article last year.

Here is the only fight Prust clearly won this year.

What's next?

It’s the end of the road for Prust in Vancouver. Hell, I would be shocked to see him sign with any team west of Chicago since his fiancée probably won’t leave her job Quebec anytime soon. The question is, who will take a chance on a guy who is 32, coming off a serious ankle injury, was not that fast to begin with and who has hands of stone. Prust will have to take a serious pay cut if he can sign with anyone.

Good luck on your wedding Brandon.