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GAME DAY COFFEE- Apr 7/16- Canucks @ Calgary- Meeting Reality

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How exactly did that California road trip happen? It seemed unlikely before hand, surreal afterwards, and downright unbelievable after watching the Oilers dismantle the Canucks last night in a game they didn't even play that well in. Welcome to the reality of the Modern Day Canucks...

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After that first period it honestly looked like the Canucks were going to win it. While hardly playing like world beaters, they were the better team, and the intermission crew of TSN1040 (Blake Price and Scott Rintoul) were incredulous at the apparent lack of engagement from the Oilers for a game that actually meant something to them, which is something they haven't been able to say for years. With so many former players in the house, legends or otherwise, they came out and did nothing, looking as bad as they did against Calgary on Saturday, which drew the ire of Coach Todd MacLellan.

Whether it was a paint-blistering speech during that intermission, we'll never know, but the Oilers did play better from that point. Once again, not world beaters like the Canucks did in the 1st, but better, and that's when the Canucks started making mind-numbing mistakes, handing the game to the home team. I was anticipating a blowout, and that's what we got, but it was one the Oilers fell into, served up like a hot cup of coffee and a slice of pie by the gracious Canucks.

And after one of their worst losses of the year, playing against a team with all the motivation in the world, we now get to watch them travel down to Calgary, where a much different set of motivations and responses is waiting for them as they take on the Flames. While not closing their rink (yet), this is also the Flames' last home game, and they too want to send their fans away on a positive note after a lost season, what better way to do it than by laying a beating on the hated Canucks? This one will be like a rehashing of that playoff series last spring, only with nothing to lose, and nothing to win but the game itself, we can expect Michael Ferland and friends to be taking runs at the Canucks all night long, as the Flames take out the frustration of not meeting the expectations they placed on themselves. Oh yeah, and there's that whole Hunter Shinkaruk thing to add another fun wrinkle to tonight's festivities.


On the fall from grace in just 4 quick years...

- Last night`s Provies with a few burning questions

- Speaking of burning questions, VCB`s 6 Pack asks a huge one`: Is Bartkowski coming back?

Because I obviously don't care about ruining your day, here's Benning on Bro Jake this morning

- One thing you learn early in life in Canada, is when at a hockey game, you keep your eye on the play and you accept that there's a risk you might get hit by a puck. This guy needs to get lost...


A bit of a twist for you today as I want to talk about something huge in Vancouver that starts tonight. The Modified Ghost Festival gets underway, with shows 4 straight nights in 4 different venues. Some of extreme metal's biggest and brightest descending on the city, and it kicks off tonight at the Astoria with MISERY INDEX, ALLEGAEON, BAPTISTS, THEORIES and ACQUITTED.

Tomorrow night it shifts to the Vogue Theater (great venue, btw) for THE DILLENGER ESCAPE PLAN, JOB FOR A COWBOY, REVOCATION, GOROD and BOOKAKKE...

Saturday night sees two shows, an early one at the Rickshaw with SUFFOCATION, CATTLE DECAPITATION, DEAD CROSS (featuring ex-SLAYER drummer Dave Lombardo), TOXIC HOLOCAUST, ARCHSPIRE, INTRONAUT and SCALE THE SUMMIT while over at the Astoria it's POWER TRIP, CULT LEADER, ANCIIENTS, USNEA, NORTH, and HE WHOSE OX IS GORED...

And things wrap up on the 10th with ABSU (who play Victoria Saturday night) with UADA and GRAVEOLENCE once again at the Astoria. If you have the opportunity and like it loud, you will want to hit some or all of these shows. I hate that I am missing this...