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GAME DAY COFFEE- Apr 6/16- Canucks @ Edmonton- Good Riddance

Lots of sentimentality tonight as the last game ever is played in Edmonton's rink. It's about damn time, because a building with that much history shouldn't house a team so bloody awful.

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Yeah, there's going to be a lot of rosy, feel-good Oilers love all over the television tonight, so you may wanna mute and use the radio broadcast if you can. And it's not that the Oilers shouldn't mark the occasion. This rink does indeed hold some amazing hockey memories. The Gretzky years were some amazing times. But this franchise is not that one. They share a name, but nothing else. And the best thing to do is to start new, and stop living off the past glories to sell hope to their fan base, because it's pretty damn obvious to anyone who watches hockey that despite the constant flow of chances to make things better, the Edmonton Oilers are the worst.

So bid farewell. Bring out the old gang and relive those Cup wins. Forgive us if we don't share the feelings, as this rink used to be a place more akin to a chamber of horrors, the way the old Oilers used to ring up the Canucks back in the 80's. And then when it's all done, they can get to work on trying to figure out why ten years later they haven't made anything that resembles a significant move out of the NHL's basement, despite so many top draft picks.

Speaking of which, it was a fun dream while it lasted, wasn't it? We all had this glimmer of hope that for once, the roulette wheel would stop on the Canucks spot, fate would finally smile upon them and give them a shot at finally getting it right. Instead, in a season where most nights they looked like they'd struggle to hold their own in the AHL, they go into California and sweep, winning 3 in a row for the first time all season. It's just so Canucks for this to happen, it shouldn't have made you mad if you were hoping to snag that first overall pick, but just cause you to let out a sigh of resignation.

The Canucks are still without Sven Baertschi, Linden Vey, and Chris Higgins, along with the kids on the IR, and we should be going back to Jacob Markstrom in goal. Let's face it though: The Oilers are going to do whatever it takes to win this game tonight. As bad and as dysfunctional as they are, they don't want to end things with a loss, especially after getting embarrassed by the Flames on Saturday night.


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