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Canucks win three in a row for the first time all year, as they beat the Kings 3-2.

The Canucks complete a California sweep as they beat the Kings, on home ice and it was the Nucks 3rd win in a row. I know!!!

Hugs everyone
Hugs everyone
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The Canucks came into tonight looking for that elusive 3 game winning streak which would the trilogy of win against California teams. The notion of these victories over evil has put #teamtank into full depression mode as each win probably means the Canucks won’t get the first pick overall. Realistically the Nucks will pick anywhere between 4 and 7. "We need to lose harder!!!?" is the rally cry in the land. Unfortunately this might be the only night this week where losing is the probable outcome as the rest of the week is filled with teams that know how to lose just as well as the Nucks.

So, I see the second line and think, Willie, I guess you want Bo to stop scoring.

1st period

When you play the Kings you’re guarantee to see certain things. A hard forecheck, everyone finishing their checks and Dustin Brown being a douchebag. The first two things happened very early and I waited to see the third. Jannik Hansen took an early penalty which the Canucks were able to kill and then Dustin Brown got the first good chance to score as Miller has to spread himself out like one of those Subway sandwiches. But soon after that the Nucks lost a faceoff in the defensive one and then coverage missed Toffoli as he had a wide open net after a rebound.

The Kings must really want that home ice advantage as they were playing that smothering defensive style that absent from their game in the first 20 matches of the year. Remember when the Kings sucked this year? The Canucks went on the PP 8 minutes into the period and McCann was put on the 1st unit. I guess when your 1 for 38 in the last 14 games you might try anything. Alas, nothing came of that PP. Sedinery has taken a break many times when they play the Kings as those defensemen always seem to know what they’re doing. They don’t chase, they just try and cut down on the passing lanes and gobble up rebounds.

With 6 minutes left in the period the Kings had the edge in shots 10-3 and Ryan Miller had made some pretty good saves through screens and on some tips. Tryamkin seems to be getting more and more comfortable but I see little spurts of gliding. He knows his reach and sometimes stops skating because of it. I think his conditioning for next will be much better and he will be able to go a little harder and get some confidence to skate with the puck.

The Canucks got their second PP of the period as Doughty got a tripping penalty after his a check on Hansen in the corner. The second unit was able to get a quick shot off. The first unit then gave up a breakaway to Toffoli when was stopped by Miller. Another PP with no luck or good chances. Bo Horvat led a rush up the ice and then received a hipcheck from Scuderi. I’m sure Scuderi as seen many Crosby inside-out moves in Pitt to know what’s coming.

Now is the time I have to admit I was wrong. Derek Dorsett is not the death to Bo’s point totals. The Horvat line did a good job getting the puck deep and digging the puck and then Horvat passed out to Derek, who shot the puck and it deflected off Etem and in.

Period ends 1-1.

2nd period

Early chance by Hutton was oh so close and then Bo got another chance on a 2 on 1. Hutton’s done a good most of the year knowing when to jump up into the play and that’s one more thing the Canucks desperately need more D-men to do to help keep forechecking forwards honest. The Nucks looked a lot more comfortable to start this period. More checks were being given by Nuck players. Daniel Sedin got a great chance as he skating out from behind the net and had a clear shot on net, which Quick snared with his glove.

I enjoyed the battle between Bartkowski and Brown tonight. They both gave and received some good hits along the boards. Hutton played a little defense tonight as well as he broke up a 2 on 1. But soon after the Sedins gave up the puck, leaving Tryamkin to try and fend off a 2 on 1 which ended up with Clifford scoring his 3rd of the year.

Horvat had a chance on a back hand which just went wide and Jake had two chances were he tried to sneak the shot short-side on Quick, but one was just wide and the next was stopped by the leg of Quick. The Canucks then received their 3rd PP of the game as Vinnie got feisty with his lightsaber….I mean stick. McNabb then took another penalty as he hit AMFB in the head in the corner.

The Canucks don’t usually have luck on the PP and Jannik Hansen doesn’t usually see time on the PP. In fact Hansen does not have one PP goal this year….until tonight. Having that right-handed shot on the backdoor play actually worked…..go figure.

And teamtank could be heard groaning across the province, when for the second time in this game the Nucks score with under a minute left in the period. Jared McCann deke out a poke-checking Quick and roofed the back in the net. I saw the same thing a few days ago when McCann roofed a shot and missed the net and actually hit the arena roof.

Period ends 3-2 Canucks.

3rd period

The period started off a little heated as the Canucks got a chance on Quick, who then got a little mad for a chop he received. Quick slammed his stick…Lucic wanted to re-arrange Hamhuis’s jaw again. Hamhuis and Quick got penalties. I wonder what Lucic will say to Dan next year when they’re teammates? Ha!

On the 4 on 4 there was not much action but I finally got to see Tryamkin jump up on a rush. Being that tall has to be a problem sometimes if the puck is in your feet and you have to move that huge stick to stick handle. It all seems slow motion.

The next 4-5 minutes was some very good hard hitting action. The Canucks were definitely good practice for the Kings just before the playoffs. Toffoli got a good scoring chance with 10 minutes left in the period but Miller was able to corral a rebound with a bunch of traffic on top of him.

One experiment that I think should end is Pedan at forward. I know we all want a 6’5 power forward, but this Russian needs enough practice at being a defensemen, so let’s not completely re-wire him. Besides, the only d-man the Canucks had that could pull off this position switch was, wait for it…………………Aaron Rome. I am hoping Van takes a chance on Etem for another year. He’s a good 3rd or 4th line player that has speed and is not afraid to get into the corners.

I don’t know what is going to happen with Ryan Miller at the draft, but he has been good this year. He made some great saves all night and saved the Sedins butt a few times as the twins had a tough time in their own end tonight. Groot took a penalty with under 5 minutes left as he was able to handle Kopitar in front of the net. Miller did a great job of controlling rebounds on the couple shots he faced on the Kings PP.

The Nucks did a good job of keeping Quick in net until there was 20 seconds left in the game and so the Kings only got one shot on Miller with the extra man. The Nucks win 3-2, beat three California teams in a row and move farther away from the first overall pick.

Canucks Win!!!!

Teamtank groans.