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Tonight, the Nashville Predators can complete the destruction of the Axis of Douchebaggery. Oh, and I guess the 2nd round is also starting because NHL. Join us, won't you?

Crush. Kill. Destroy.
Crush. Kill. Destroy.
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images


- It all comes down to this. Anaheim once again having blown an elimination game, and looking to try and win a Game 7. They've been here before and failed. People like to say all the pressure is on one team or the other, but really, it's all on the Ducks here. There's no doubt that Bruce Boudreau's job depends on a win tonight, and likely that of GM Bob Murray. Anaheim ownership can only accept failure so many times before they have to do something. Give them credit: they could have fired Ol' Bruce earlier in the year when the team got off to that brutal start. They didn't, and were rewarded from Christmas onward as the team steamrolled just about everyone in their path. It is all for naught if they lose tonight. As for Nashville, they've never been to a Game 7. They have confidence and hope after a Game 6 where everyone had written them off. They're dangerous, and they know it. How awesome would it be if there were 3 of the 4 teams from the West as potential first time Cup winners?

- Meanwhile, because the NHL just can't seem to do anything right, they're starting the 2nd round before the puck even drops in Anaheim. The New York Islanders are in Tampa to take on the Lightning in Game 1, facing a Lightning squad still without two of it's best players in Anton Stralman, JT Brown and Steven Stamkos. Thomas Greiss has been one of the big stories for the Islanders, stepping in to replace the injured Jaroslav Halak and winning some big games for them in the process. The Islanders will need to contend with the line of Nikita Kucherov, Alex Killorn and Tyler Johnson, who scored all but two of the twelve goals the Lightning scored in their 5 game victory over Detroit. As for the Lightning, they'll need to contain John Tavares, who's been a force, scoring 5 goals and 4 assists against Florida.


Felt like some old-school Overkill today. From the album 'Under The Influence', here's 'Hello From The Gutter'.