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2016 Canuck Player Autopsy: Daniel Sedin

Ladies and Gentlemen, the best Canuck of 2016.

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Who is this guy?

Daniel Sedin. One half of the Wonder Twins, and a certified Wizard of Sedinerie

Position: Left Wing

Shoots: Pretty good actually, his shooting % was...oops, sorry. Left.

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 187 lbs

Born: In the Swedish hockey factory known as Ornskoldsvik, on Sept 26th, 1980.  ( Also the hometown of Naslund and Forsberg. )  It was six minutes after Henrik, who always lords it over him, probably.  But then, he always has the comeback of being drafted second overall in 1999, not ( gasp! ) third.

What'd he do?

There will be a few players in the Autopsies this year that we will be searching a bit for the deep cuts to make this heading not seem so...bleak, but Daniel Sedin is not one of those players, at least relatively speaking.  True, his 61 points is not very good by his career standards ( his Canuck page here ) but the 28 goals is the best since 2011-12, and if you go to the last column there, you'll see how well his shooting % of 10.9 % holds up.

The G&M is not a "go to" for hockey stories for me, but I read them all, and this one from Ebner was...interesting. He seems to think that age and history is going to make the Twins under seventy points producers.  I think, as is also in the article, that this was the first year in a long, long while where they have not been on a team at least competitive for the playoffs, and the emotional shock ( Well documented, the ever honest to the media Sedins have both spoke about the subject this year. ) was not something they were used to.  We all know of how these guys train, and how every year it is something new.  They are pretty proud guys.  I expect them to have themselves steeled for the vagaries of another season ( all the while trying to keep the winning culture they were primary architects of), as they guide a new generation of Canucks back to the post season.  Next season ?  Well, we'll see.  But you know these two want one more chance at it before that second year left on their deals comes due.  That is for then. We don't know what will happen in the future, but both have also talked about perhaps signing one or two one year deals as the "rebuild" takes the steps it needs to take.

What'd he do?

Another, part of that article ( OK, for a Globe and Mail article, it must have been OK, this is the second time I've referenced it ! ) was that the Sedins no longer drive play any more, and that they were below 50% in the possession analytics.  The funny thing there is the assumption that he makes that, "well, they can't do it anymore, in part because the defensemen they played with sucked. "

Well, yes, there were a lot of regulars out on the blue line.  Yes, there were struggles as a result.  But was Daniel Sedin any good ?  To the numbers !

Let's start with the traditional stats.   He had 28 goals on a team that had near record ( or was it ? I hate ineptitude records anyhow! ) low of 94 goals ( only the Devils had less with 91 tallies ) , so just under a third of the team goal production is pretty good.  Six of those were game winners. If you click around here, you can see how he did everywhere.  I give it to you to see the relative balance in his wins and losses.  He scored 15 goals in wins, 13 in losses ( OK, there was a lot more of those, so not as good ).  He did generate an average of around 3 shots a game, win or lose.  Just like a good veteran showing the kids the way should !

As far as the more advanced stats go, let's ease you  in with his page ( where they also feature graphs and stuff ! ), which shows a pretty good ( relatively ) season, and then take a meander around.  It is a good site.  Another place you should definitely bookmark is  Their embed widget seems wonky at the moment, so just click his page and scroll down.

Take a look at a couple of the offensive numbers, PDO and zone starts.  His PDO is 101.9, identical to 12-12, while the offensive zone starts is 59.9%, substantially less than the 66.1% from his last year under AV ( look at those previous years.  Henrik took a defensive face off pretty rarely back then ! ).  The point being that Daniel turned back the clock this year, and was pretty damn consistent with his career numbers at his age.

Not to say that the reporter from the Toronto paper is wrong, but I do feel like, as a fan at least, that I have a pretty good idea of these guys as humans, at least the image we have from their public persona.  None of that speaks to a guy ( guys ) who is going to shirk the road ahead.  They'll be OK.  Age gets us all, but expect them to be emotionally engaged all year next year.  They always learn from their mistakes and setbacks.  That, coupled with production that turned back the clock a times ( when they both admitted to being not always engaged ) in a down year, tells me they can and probably will maintain and perhaps exceed their production next year, and beat that seventy point barrier.

What'd we like?

There is this. Underrated toughness...thy name is Sedin.

This from earlier in the season, a hatty versus the Hawks ? Hell yes

And this snipe was classic Daniel.  I am not as classy as the Twins, so I will say ( of course, IF reports are true ) , that Shawn Thornton is a weaselly scumbag.  Mocking the team by invoking Rick Rypien?  I have never seen either Sedin so mad as in that post game, yet they "kept it on the ice".

Yes, this is both Sedins.  It is also pretty cool...

What did we hate?

Hate ?  That might be a little strong of a word.  But it has to be the one thing they both mentioned as the season ended.  You could see it at times in the season, and I don't really blame either one of the Sedins for being human, but it was not a good thing to add to the down year we endured.

Not that the young players they are leading and mentoring minded.  Truth be told, seeing a chink in the shining identical suits or armour that are the Saints Sedins probably felt perversely good.  Finding out they are human, and subject to the same doubts and struggles as them probably helped, in a weird way.

So, now what?

It is not like either Twin is going anywhere.  I detailed above my thought s on next year. and their production  I do think Daniel and his brother have "good" seasons next year.  The spectre of injury is always a concern as players age in a young man's game.  But honestly, I don't think either one of the Sedins will let it happen ( not that you have a choice with injuries, but you can be as fit as possible to negate them somewhat ) , at least not next year.  I think they were embarrassed, and that will drive them in the offseason.

We know they will come back fit, they always do.  With an early start in the WCOH to worry about, they will come to Canuck camp "hitting the ground running", so to speak.  They both know that this next season will be the one of real transition.  After a year they do not want to repeat, and with a team of young guns who went through the "shit" this year, the Sedins and the "winning culture" they have worked an entire career to attain is not going to just float away on a sea of high draft picks like the Oilers.  Both of them talked about having "one more run" as their contracts run out.  Both have 2 years at 7 million remaining.  Myself, I think they sign a one year or two after that.  But if the Twins have anything to say about it, the Canucks will not be picking this high next year...