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Game Day Coffee- Mar 7/16- Canucks @ LA- Hankless Work

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Coming off a surprising non-collapse in the 3rd against San Jose Saturday night, the Canucks head into Los Angeles for a date with the Kings. They'll do it without Henrik Sedin and possibly Chris Tanev too, but will get Radim Vrbata back tonight. Contain your enthusiasm.

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Statistically speaking, the Canucks had no business winning that game Saturday night. Had the Sharks been not so uncharacteristically undisciplined, and the officials actually willing to call the penalties on the Sharks (which as anyone who remembers the last few years know is a shocker when it comes to playing against San Jose) they likely wouldn't have had a sniff. Even then, who would have expected the power play to look as good as it did, especially after losing Henrik Sedin to an upper body injury at the hands of Hillbilly Jim cosplay enthusiast Brent Burns.

Henrik's returned to Vancouver for treatment, and while there hasn't been any official word from the team as yet, I wouldn't be shocked to see them shut him down for the rest of the season considering how banged up he's been. It will mean some line shuffling tonight, as Radim Vrbata returns to the lineup from his groin injury, and Chris Tanev will be a gametime decision, and gosh, the Canucks are gonna be in serious trouble if they don't have Tanev on the back end tonight against LA. The Kings have their own injury issues at the moment, already without Marian Gaborik, Jordan Nolan and Matt Greene, the recently acquired Kris Versteeg was hurt in the Kings last outing and will be a gametime decision.

Another reason the Canucks were able to sneak out of the Shark Tank with the 2 points Saturday was the play of Jacob Markstrom. He was solid all night long apart from that horrid first goal to Michael Haley, and give the Canucks the opportunity to get the win. While common sense would tell you to slot him back in against LA tonight, it'll likely be Ryan Miller facing off against Jonathan Quick.


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