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Game Day Coffee- Mar 5/16- Canucks @ San Jose- The Definition Of Insanity

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They say the definition of insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. So given that, perhaps Willie D might wanna change a couple things heading into tonight?

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One thing that doesn't need to change is the kids. Sven Baertschi, Jake Virtanen and Markus Granlund have been far and away the Canucks best line over the last couple games, though Willie Desjardins has expressed a desire to get Virtanen some time on the top line with Henrik and Daniel Sedin. I would give him a shot, and then maybe slot Emerson Etem in on that 2nd line with Bo Horvat and Brendan Gaunce, then move Alexandre Burrows to the 3rd line with Linden Vey down on the 4th line with Jared McCann and Derek Dorsett. But, since this is the Canucks, chances are we will see them roll with the same lines.

One thing that might be different is Jacob Markstrom in net tonight. Not that Ryan Miller didn't play well, but what's it going to hurt to alternate the rest of the way, especially when the Sharks seem to have Miller's number? If the Canucks want to win (god only knows why they'd want to do that...) then throw a curve ball and put in Markstrom. Seems like they'll go with Miller again though, so keep tripping on that same rock, Canucks.  Speaking of changes, we'll also see San Jose go with their backup as James Reimer makes his San Jose Sharks debut tonight, and that should give you a heads up on the topic of discussion all f'ing night long for the HNIC talking heads. Even if the Canucks were to totally ventilate Reimer, it would be all about him and the Leafs, because it always somehow ends up being about the Leafs. They're the Kevin Bacon of the NHL.


- Losing faith? That's an understatement...

- Trev is spending his capital in this town as though it's never gonna run out, and that's wrong

- Need something to keep you positive for the future? Highlights from last night's UND win with another Brock Boeser beauty...

- It was surprising that Ben Hutton made the team, even more so that he hasn't faltered along the way

- This will also warm your heart: No matter how bad the Canucks are doing, one thing we can agree on in BC is that Mark Messier shall be booed in public for all eternity, like at this BCHL game in Chilliwack

- Kuzma on Virtanen's skill set and Tryamkin

- Joe Cannata stopped 33 shots as the Utica Comets shutout the AHL leading Toronto Marlies last night

- Dave Tomlinson on tanking and Benning's leaks


I probably should have switched these two around, but I was so excited to get the new Anthrax here for you I kinda messed that up. Thursday was a pretty important day in metal history as we marked the 30th anniversary of the release of one of the biggest metal albums of all time: METALLICA's Master Of Puppets. Forget where the band is now, this is their finest hour, a razor sharp killing machine, the album utterly flawless from start to finish. Not a single throw-away or wasted riff. Hell, even Lars' drumming is on point here. The songs hold up so incredibly well 30 years down the road, something that can't be said of many of their contemporaries. My first listen came via CFOX's Monday Midnight Metal Shop, which was a godsend for a kid growing up in a town like Kamloops. That and Much Music's Pepsi Power Hour were the source of so many new bands for those of us who didn't have the amazing record shops of the big cities. I can't recall whether the first song I heard was Battery or Disposable Heroes, but I was downtown that weekend to get it on vinyl. I have given the band a lot of shit over the years for their turn away from metal and the fans that helped them to the fame they have now, but I cannot and will not say anything bad about this album. It was and continues to be one of the finest moments in heavy metal.

And because it wouldn't be right to pay tribute to the old school without some bootleg action, here's the band in 1986 at Roskilde, Denmark. This is one of the last shows with Cliff Burton before his tragic death, so enjoy.