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Canucks snap losing streak, beating the Sharks 4-2.

A great 32 save performance by Ryan Miller and late 3rd period heroics by Jannik Hansen helped Vancouver snap a 9 game losing streak.

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

So…there was a hockey game tonight. If you’re reading this you probably knew that already and might have even watched it. If we were in the same place I would give you an actual pat on the back for sticking around to see the end of this debacle of a year. If you were to go back into the NM archives, some of the patients running this asylum predicted this type of non-playoff type team. None of us predicted the raging inferno of a derailment this year turned into.

So the Nucks doggy-paddled their weigh into the Shark tank. They applied the necessary chum to their bodies and dove in. Chris Tanev and Linden Vey both back in the lineup.

1st Period

I like Willie’s thinking tonight with the pairing of Hutton/Groot as we get to see the future. But it’s the old guys and Hansen that get the Canucks on track early. Hansen knock the puck free and got a slap shot of Jones, who gave up a nice juicy rebound which Daniel put in for 29th of the year. On a crappy team Daniel has found a way to get almost 30 goals again. Let’s trade him.

Ryan Miller made a few early saves on some tipped shots as the Sharks started to get their legs half way through the period. The D pairing of Biega/Bart brings the taste of bile into my throat. I admit I was a fan of Bart’s signing during the offseason. I thought his cheap smooth skating ways would help the Nucks get the puck out of the zone. I was wrong….so wrong. Bart is the master of getting the puck and randomly fire it to no one.

I thought the Canucks were falling asleep for a second and then Horvat jumped on a subdued Donskoi, stole the puck and undressed Jones. I don’t think I will advance to the NM hockey pool final as Jones is one of my goalies.

The teams traded penalties as Hutton was taken down, which led to nothing on the Nucks PP. They had some chances but the end boards saw more shots than Jones. Then Henrik decided to try and take another stick to have two for himself and that got him a penalty. The Sharks got some chances but the Nucks killed it. Hutton/Groot did some good work along the boards on that kill. The period ended 2-0 Nucks.

2nd period

News out of the first was that Sven was done for the night with a lower body injury. After looking at the replay and keep in mind that I have no medical training what so ever, I think he tweaked his knee or a groin on a tight turn.

I will admit to all of you, I ‘m old. Not as old as some of the other regs but still old. And yet tonight I learned something. When an announcer says "he passed it to an open wing" it actually means that the player made a shitty pass and it ended up in area where no one was. The Nucks had a few of the passes to an open area at the start of the period.

I don’t know about McCann. He spoiled us in the preseason and start of the year. And then poof!! He is not skating with puck very well. In this game so far he seemed hesitant to get dirty in the corners and then he waited too long to pass the puck and took a hooking penalty. Burrows almost made it 3-0 as he tried to get by Burns and Jones on a partial break away.

The Canucks got a PP after Etem got stapled to the boards without having the puck. The PP was missing Sven….even more so when Vey replaced him on the first unit. This pains me. I would rather see Bo and his quick release in the slot position like Kesler used to do. Ideas like these are the reason Willie won’t hire me as an assistant.

The Canucks gave the Sharks another PP as Hansen did his best lumberjack imitation as he chopped down on Couture’s hands. It was only a matter of time with the Sharks PP before they figure a way to score. And Marleau found that slot position and got a quick shot off to beat Miller.

The Sedins were set out right after the goal and went about their Sedinery, keeping the Sharks pinned in their own end. But you know what ends Sedinery quickly? Jared McCann. Once Jared touched the puck, he turned it over and the Sharks came out of their own end.

The refs decided to take two minutes off and let several infractions by both teams go uncalled before one the zebras blinked and nailed Biega for slashing. Joe Pavelski would have none of it though and decided to make it four on four as he tripped Higgy. The period ended 2-1

3rd period

So the Canucks came into the third leading the Sharks. I know…I wasn’t holding my breath either. The Canucks were able to hold the Sharks shotless for almost 8 minutes to start the period. Horvat and Gaunce worked well together and had a chance each which made the shot total 2-1 Canucks after 9 minutes. Have I created a false feeling of excitement in this period. I’m not being totally facetious as there was some great shifts that didn’t lead to any shots for either team.

The Sharks have a team that can score quickly and make something out of nothing. Couture was digging in the corner one second and then he skate infront of the net to the other side and took a pass from a sasquatch and scored past a sprawling Miller.

This is the point where the Canucks close up shop and let in a weak one. Instead Hansen grabs the puck and wait for it….skates it out of the zone and rips one by Jones to make it 3-2 Canucks. 20 goals for Hansen this year…trade him too I guess.

The Sharks then took a penalty and had to waste 2 minutes before they could make a run at the Nucks. The Canucks survived an extra attacker and then Granlund scored an empty-netter after racing down the ice to negate an icing. He wreck my prediction though. But more importantly, the Canucks snap their losing streak at 9 games and #teamtank gets to moan and groan for 24 hours.