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Game Day Coffee- Mar 31/16- Canucks @ San Jose- Helpless In The Water

It could be another milestone night kids. join us, as we hold hands, sing and descend into hell.

Oh yay, another game against San Jose. The Canucks losing streak can hit double digits tonight, and they'll be aided in this quest by not having Jake Virtanen in the lineup for the next two games, suspended for his blindside hit on Roman Polak of the Sharks. It speaks volumes that we can't even get outraged over this, with the way things have gone this year for the Canucks, but that's not a suspendable hit compared to some of the stuff the league's let go this year already.

It was 1997 the last time the Canucks hit the 10 game mark in a losing skid, and while they'll be trying to avoid tying this dubious distinction tonight, is there anyone out there who thinks this team can win another game this season? Is there anything they show on the ice right now that suggests that barring a total collapse from their opponent, that they could come out on top? I certainly don't see it. And it's not so bad. The Canucks history is one full of failure, disappointment and lackluster results. All of that can change if the team wins the draft lottery. From their inception this team has been cursed, losing the spin of a wheel that awarded the 1st overall pick in 1970 to their expansion cousins in Buffalo. Imagine what could have been had the Canucks started their NHL journey with Gilbert Perrault instead of Dale Tallon as their 1st pick?


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