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Virtanen Gets 2-Game Suspension For Late Hit = BS

Somebody please explain this to me, beyond NHL D of Player Safety shitting the bed..

How in the hell does Jake Virtanen get a 2-game suspension for this late hit on Roman Polak:

And then this hit by Radkos Gudas on New Jersey's Bobby Farnham warranted no suspension at all back in February:

I am really confused by the decision-making process of the NHL Department of Player Safety right now. Total horse shit. Ok, yes, this department has always been under question.

Gudas is the perfect example of the east coast Raffi Torres...kinda. But, he loves to make hits and of course, with the new crap NHL rules on headshots....and the lack of consistency in the policing of them, my point is that Gudas is likely being watched by whatever schmuck is in the NHL office in the player safety department and has had several hits questioned. However, here's Jake Virtanen getting a 2-game suspension for his first late hit, which really wasn't all that big of a deal. It was late, yes. But Polak returned to the game. Sure, he goes to the dressing room after that hit, but that's just precautionary protocol.

Anyway, you or I can do a better job than what the hell is going on at the Department of Player Safety room/office. So frustrating and confusing. It's a joke, actually.

Thanks to Nathaniel Perlow for sharing the Gudas link in one of our comment threads.