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GAME DAY COFFEE- Mar 3/16- Canucks vs San Jose- Gaunce Fishin'

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The news on Jannik Hansen isn't so good, but this means another youngster gets a chance to show us where he's at. Brendan Gaunce, come on down! You're the next contestant on The Canucks Are Rebuilding...

The good news about the game Tuesday was that the Canucks once again scored 5 goals. The bad news? 3 of them were on Jacob Markstrom. That game was a microcosm of the entire season, really. When they play well enough to win, they don't. And while all 3 Islander goals went in off Canucks Dmen, the same old defensive meltdowns were what caused them all to happen in the first place.

Anyway, today is a new day and chance for a fresh *looks at the schedule* oh bloody hell... San Jose? Yeah, it's gonna go pretty much like Sunday, folks. Unless the insertion of Brendan Gaunce, and moving of Jake Virtanen up to play with the Twins somehow transforms this team into world beaters, the Canucks are likely to lose this one too. I do like the fact that Gaunce will get some time, which will no doubt help him and any other call ups as Utica prepares for the playoffs in the AHL, though it really makes you wonder why the Canucks didn't paper any of the other eligible Canucks to be sent down after the season to bolster the roster.

The Canucks will likely go back to Ryan Miller tonight, while the Sharks will go with Martin Jones again, meaning James Riemer will have to wait another day for his San Jose debut. I am willing to bet that comes Saturday when, wait for it... the Canucks are in San Jose. Radim Vrbata is still not ready to go, and with Hansen being out for a couple weeks with a rib injury, this is Gaunce's opportunity to make a statement for a spot next season. Now if we could just get Willie to stop giving Derek Dorsett and Linden Vey all the freakin' ice time... Oh, and speaking of the future, Nikita Tryamkin's season is over in the KHL. Watch for the Canucks to make a hard push to get him signed and at the least bring him to Utica and see what he's got.


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