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GAME DAY COFFEE- Mar 27/16- Canucks vs Chicago- Our Fall Is Their Rise

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Sometimes I take a step back and look at the hubris that is this team and wonder why all the fuss? After all, it's more common for the Canucks to be down here then the lofty heights of just a few years ago.

Perhaps it's a side effect of modern society. In this age of social media, our memories fail us, and we can only accurately recall what is happening in the moment. Surely this is the darkest of times for the Canucks and their fans. Never before has the team suffered such horrible indignation, right? Not really. All one needs to do is look at the team's history and you can see that losing seasons are far more the norm than years like the last one. Thanks to the whole 'everything happening now is the best/worst ever' mindset and the elimination of ties (thanks ever so much, Gary) this whole season feels so alien. Yet lifers among us know: We've been here before, and lived to tell the tale.

There are fears that the Canucks are headed down the Oilers path, but honestly that is alarmist at best. The Oilers are where they are for one simple reason: They have had, by a large margin the most completely and utterly incompetent team of management the sport has ever seen. How else could a team be given so many opportunities to correct itself, only to fall flat on it's face. All other teams in their situation have gone on to success, but the Oilers continue to fail spectacularly.

It's not going to fix itself overnight. There's a lot wrong with this team, and while there's hope for the future, they need help, and something like a top 3 pick is going to help. So be patient. Accept that things have to be this way in order to create the change this franchise needs. The management and coaching staff are on watch now (though I seriously wonder about the wisdom in promising Willie and his staff a job next season). There will need to be noticeable signs of progress in the next season, of growth and development. Should they not be present, then the ownership of this team will need to act, but stagnation, like we saw in Edmonton for so many years, cannot be allowed to take hold.


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Happy Easter, jerks.