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GAME DAY COFFEE- Mar 24/16- Canucks @ Nashville- What's Left?

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Whether you're #TeamTank or not, I can't imagine anyone is enjoying this run of historical proportions the Canucks are on. So what haven't they tried yet to get a damn goal, because tank or not, this getting bloody depressing.

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It is, for the long suffering fans of this team, a new and pathetic banner to hang. A franchise record goalless drought, the Canucks unable to score against good opponents and bad, that is ongoing as they prepare to meet Nashville tonight. And of course, with a team that's struggling to score so mightily, every bit of good news is tempered with bad. While it's definitely a good thing that Jannik Hansen should return to the lineup tonight, the Canucks could be without both Sven Baertschi and Daniel Sedin. Need a goal? Let's take your best player of the last month and your top scorer out of the mix, MUWAHAHAHA! Fortunately it looks like Daniel is on the ice this morning, so that's a good sign.

As important as it is that the Canucks try something, anything to get out of this goalless funk, there's got to be some type of a change in their own zone. Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom have been downright heroic over the last few games, especially the last 2, where they faced a combined 99 shots. I don't care if they win tonight, but by god there better be an effort there, because there certainly hasn't over the last couple weeks.


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