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Canucks shut out for the third time in a row, 2-0 by the Jets

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The Canucks lose 2-0 to the Jets even with the Sedins being re-united with Burrows.

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The Canucks came into tonight’s game trying to remember how to put that hard rubber object into the opposition’s 4x6 net. If I were Willie I would have pulled a Norman Dale in Hoosiers, and pulled out the tape measure and showed the boys that the nets are the same size as the rest of the nets in the league. The Canucks have decided to shelve Edler, Vrbata and Sutter for the rest of the year. Meh, it doesn’t matter at this point and let’s see the kids play. Speaking of kids, the Sedins got a spring chicken named Alex Motherfucking Burrows joining them on the first line. I can guarantee that the Sedins weren’t calling out the play of Alex the other night. Even with the flu he showed more effort than some of the youngins. You would think that the players would have recognized how fast Benning got rid of Kassian and sent Prust to purgatory when they stop giving it 100%.

1st Period

The Jets have owned the Nucks over the past three meetings. I don’t think the Nucks match up against the Jets. I can’t explain it. The Jets hit everything that moves and their defensemen like to shoot. And jump up into the play.

The game had some early back and forth with no real good chances and then McCann took a tripping penalty. I’m sure Willie is not loving that. I’m pretty sure McCann is one the guys who has been told to do more. In the post-mortem this year, the question of having McCann make the team will be dissected from every angle. The Nucks killed that penalty quite nicely. The first real chance a minute later as Scheifele got a partial break away which Markstrom stopped.

Marko Dano returned the favor a few seconds later as he tripped Hutton to give the Nucks a PP. The PP has gone 0-23 over the past 7 seven games. How much of that falls on the Sedins? Discuss. Bo had a rebound chance that was saved. The second PP unit looked ok, but the 3rd? didn’t as they let Copp get a partial breakaway which Markstrom saved.

Grenier had a great chance on a breakaway and then the ghost of Jiri Bubla broke Grenier stick. (*sidenote – Bubla isn’t dead, but he may have his own ghost already)

I can’t believe I wrote this much about a boring period from two really bad teams. I did notice my boy Groot Tryamkin was having a steady game so far. Willie has done a smart thing putting old man Hamhuis with him. They look comfortable together. Bartowski/Pedan look like me and my-ex trapped in a room together, trying to avoid each other without communicating.

The period ended 0-0

2nd period

You young kids may have to Youtube some of the old Van/Winn games to see when these teams were fun to watch. The Jets had a few early chances from good shooting spots but found ways to whiff on them. Petan had a great chance on Markstrom and Jacob shut the door twice.

Buff had another chance with a seeing-eye point shot that Jacob just got his pad on to stop it. I admit, I was kinda hoping for a Buff goal to help me in the NM hockey pool.

Have you ever gone to the circus and seen the clowns enter the big top in a car? They swerve and weave into the tent and slam on the brakes. Then the clowns stop coming out and each one heads in a different direction without rhyme or reason. That was the Canucks breakout in the first period and second.

My boy Groot and his big stick got caught up in Dano’s skate which lead to a Jets PP. The Jets PP looked great as Petan had another point blank chance against Markstrom which Jacob denied. I wonder what happened to the Jets this year as they were moving the puck great throughout the game. Canucks faceoff futility continued to lead to more Jet possessions during the PP. Halfway through this game the shots were 25-11 Jets.

I find it funny…well not ha-ha funny, but funny that Gaunce and Grenier are not more comfortable with each other. But I’m not sure how often they played with each other in Utica.

Biega took Scheiflele into the boards and received a penalty. Brendan Gaunce was able to get a chance with Buff breathing down his neck.

The Canucks were able to kill the rest of the penalty. And after two periods the score was still 0-0. I want to take a second to call out the Sedins. They hadn’t done much 5 on 5 or on the PP the Canucks received just before the end of the period.

3rd period

Anyone remember when the Nucks last scored? I really don’t remember and don’t have the strength to look it up. Markstrom did all he could do tonight. He stopped a rush by Halischuk which lead to a rebound and a Lowry wraparound goal. Markstrom complained about interference but Halischuk had nowhere to go so….goal counts

1-0 Jets

I wonder when Rodin starts. I wonder if the Nucks organization realizes they could have had a team 1a and 1b with the amount of players they have started this year. 5 minutes into the third and Grenier had the least amount of ice time and yet had two of the better scoring chances. The Sedins did get a lot of ice time, so the media can’t say that Willie didn’t want to win this game.

I’ll be honest, by the middle of the third I had lost hope for a victory. The Nucks are only a goal down and yet I had no belief that the Canucks could find that next gear and put one in. Shame on me. But in the past 5 games I haven’t seen any indication that the Canucks believed they could win. This is the one glitch in having a losing team that is young. How do you teach youngsters to win if they have never won under pressure? And let’s not pretend there is no pressure right now for these kids. They all won’t be around at the start of next year so they are fighting for their jobs.

I know one guy who should be on the starting blueline next year and that my boy Groot.

10 minutes into the third and I don’t think I have seen anything to write about since the Jets goal.

And almost 10 minutes after that Mark Scheifele adds an empty netter to finish the Canucks 2-0.

I’m going to forego the twitter posts that I usually add as there wasn’t much nice to say about the Nucks. #teamtank is evilly giggling in the corner as the Nucks are the third worst team in the league right now. #firebenning isgaining momentum even though he has followed through with a younger, bigger and faster team. It’s just a team that hasn’t figured out how to score or win yet.

By the way, the answer to the questions of "when did the Nucks score last?", was the game against Colorado. Henrik scored 8 minutes into the first period.

I love the Canucks.

I hate losing.

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