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Sick Day Coughing- Mar 22/16- Canucks @ Winnipeg- Mailing It In

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It's easy to understand Daniel Sedin's frustration. The question is: Are the Canucks losing because some of them aren't giving enough, or is it simply too much to ask this lineup to win?

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Something for you to think about. I would ponder it myself, but I am going through another wonderful period of profuse sweating as my body tries to fight off this flu. Here's a lesson for you, kids: Get your flu shot. The one time I don't and I am paying for it.


- The leadership group on the ice is demanding more of the rest of these guys...

Morning Skate with a lot of questions...

- If the kids are cool with just running out the clock, should you be mad at them, or the coaching staff?

- The Jets are having the same issues, oddly enough

How will the Canucks respond tonight?


The other day Yankee filled in for me whilst I was huddled under a pile of blankets trying to sweat this out, and he brought a lil punk to the mix. I go one better: How about Razor doing a cover of Dayglo Abortions 'Argh Fuck Kill'?