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Henrik, Daniel Sedin & Jacob Markstrom named to Team Sweden

It's a big day in the hockey world as the teams are all announcing their preliminary rosters in preparation for September's World Cup Of Hockey, and 3 Canucks have made the cut for Team Sweden.

Derek Leung/Getty Images

A hearty round of congratulations and some Aqvavit shots all around, with the announcement that Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin and Jacob Markstrom will be representing the Vancouver Canucks with Team Sweden at this summer's World Cup of Hockey in Toronto. While the Sedins' spots are no-brainers, it's a pleasant surprise to see Markstrom get the recognition for the improvement in his game this past season. Markstrom will be backing up Henrik Lundqvist, and while there's no guarantee he'll even see a game in the tournament, it's going to be a huge experience for him, one that can give him confidence heading into next season.

So far the Czech Republic, Russia and the Swedes have released their lineups, with Canada among others set to detail theirs later this afternoon. There have also been pics of the logos of the teams and some jerseys released (the Finnish ones are awesome!), so we'll open up the floor for you to discuss the rosters and who should, or shouldn't have been named on the various teams.

Still to come are Team Canada, Team USA, Team Europe and Team North America (the last one featuring the best young stars in the NHL, 23 and under)