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GAME DAY COFFEE- Mar 18/16- Canucks @ Edmonton- McWhatever

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This is going to be a bit of a wakeup call. Tonight the Oilers can move to within 1 point of the Canucks with a regulation win. And yet, I feel fine. You should, too.

Maybe it's that I spent the entire time since the Canucks lost to the Flames last April preparing for this. Maybe it's because I can see the benefits. Whatever the case, the Canucks are looking good right now, and by looking good, I mean to finish last in the Western Conference. Fall from grace? Perhaps. More likely a dose of reality to years of moves, failed and otherwise, that combined with injuries and just plain dumb luck led to a perfect storm of futility.

So you're going to see a whole lot of crowing going on tonight. Suddenly, everyone will be an Oilers fan. Let it slide. We know there's going to be a metric fuckton of hypocritical bastards out there spewing out nonsense, and let's not forget who we are: there are people out there who would cheer on a team of undead Nazis if they were playing the Canucks because that's how they roll. Whatever, man. Whatever.

I don't really care for impassioned arguments about how tanking is wrong, or that anyone who supports the team engaging in it is wrong. You don't have to like it. The thing you need to remember is that the Oilers are the worst case scenario to look at when assessing the benefits of tanking. Instead, look to Pittsburgh. Or Chicago. Or Los Angeles. All of these teams threw in the bloody towel at times to get themselves better via the draft. And went on to get the Cup after those painful years. Hell, Pittsburgh did it more than once. If there were a way to simply trade themselves out of trouble, I would be all for it. No one truly likes to see their team lose, even if you're a draftist. But if you're going full on rebuild, you're going to need more than Jake Virtanen, Bo Horvat and Jared McCann. You need yourself a top 5 pick, and with the players available this year, especially Auston Matthews, why wouldn't you do what you can? It's not like taking a moral stand here is going to help, because you know damn well others are tanking around you.

So if tonight goes sideways, just take a deep breath and let it slide. Remember though: This isn't about 'long suffering Oilers fans', because boohoo, it's been years since they won the Cup. This isn't about some type of redemption story, because their organization is so bloody incompetent that they make the Canucks look like rocket scientists. No, this is 100% about the Canucks. And if losing to the Oilers is going to help the future of this team and keep them from having to go through seasons like this one, that's a gamble we need them to take. The 'true fan' nonsense is just another elitist bullshit spin. Don't like the thought of the tank? Stop watching, because you know they're doing it. We'll keep your seat warm til you get back.


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Some old school Ministry for ya, and this one goes out to all the Oilers fans tonight.