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Canucks get smothered by the Avalanche, lose 3-1.

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An injury riddled Canucks team couldn't hold off a speedy Colorado club, even after bringing in two Russian giants to shore up the defense.

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Isn’t this a weird feeling at this point of the year? We all know that the Canucks won’t be in the playoffs this year and yet we still have 24 days left in the season. Unlike the last year of AV and the year of Torts, we do have some excitement even though the team can only play the role of spoiler. I have enjoyed the kids being pushed out there to see what they can do. You can thank injuries for this as the Canucks lost Granlund and Sbisa in the last game. Tonight was the first game for Nikita Trymakin and a return of Andrey Pedan. We haven’t seen this many Russians arriving at once since Larionov and Krutov showed up. And Mr. Grenier got called up to play with the Sedins.

Going into tonight the Avalanche were one point out of the final wild card spot in the west. Remember that Avalanche team that had 112 points 2 years ago? Me neither. Colorado still has three great young forwards with MacKinnon, Duchene and Landeskog (but he’s suspended for tonight), but it drops off quickly after that. And their defense is suspect. But at least they still have a shot at getting to the playoffs, right?

1st period

My Sportsnet feed started out with no sound which was kinda awesome. I like John and John, but just being able to hear what the people in the stands hear is pretty good as well. I find it interesting that Tryamkin would be put out there with the 4th line forwards. Sink or swim Nikita for exactly a 12 second shift. The poor guy will have every single second dissected by the media. Welcome to the NHL.

4 minutes in and the shots were 5-1 Avalanche, as they came out flying. The only Canucks line that seems capable of keeping up is Sven/Vey/Etem. MacKinnon had the first clear chance has he tip a pass that went and hit both posts before Miller jumped on the puck.

After Sven had a great chance to put in his own rebound, Etem got called for dragging down Skille. The Avalanche had pretty good movement around the outside and got some shots off. I had forgot that the Avalanche had Iginla and Boedker. You would the Avalanche would be better than they are, but then you remember they are in the death pit of divisions.

After a tv timeout Hank won a faceoff and Tryamkin got a point shot through and lead to a rebound, which Daniel gathered and shot, got his own rebound and sent to his bro who scored. Nikita’s first point. Everyone wins!!!!

Just over a minute later the Avalanche survive another Van spurt and come back down against a tired first line and Boedker puts one in the back of the net. It’s just like when he played with Arizona.

Sven/Vey/Etem really works well together. This might lead to Vey getting signed again. Every team needs a whipping boy when things are going bad and then forgotten when good times come. But we have Sbisa…so do we need two guys?

Andrey Pedan had a really tough first period. He had a couple of glaring turnovers and got a holding penalty at the end of the period. He only had 4:12 of playing time. Add in 4:17 of ice time for Tryamkin and it means Hamhuis may need an IV after this game. Hammer had 10 minutes in the first period. The Avs got 17 shots at Ryan Miller in the first and the period ended 1-1

2nd Period

The Canucks are able to kill off the Pedan penalty and the team exchange a couple end to end rushes. The 4th line was able to breakout of their own end and Tanev jumped up to try and tip one in. Jake had a couple a chances as he found a spot out in front of the net to shoot and Varlamov made two good saves.

Alex Grenier has played a good game so far as he has been noticeable on the defensive end, making plays on the back check. He also showed some offensive flair, driving to the net and drawing a penalty. The Canucks PP has been…how do I put this…brutal. Burrows got some time with the Sedins on the 1st PP unit as Willie must have seen some old videos and said, “Why the hell not?” It didn’t work though.

What is not good news so far is that I forgot Gaunce was playing. I didn’t hear his name until 7:50 of the period. He has played a few games now and hasn’t really impressed me…….a blogger with no NHL experience…..hahaha. But still, if I didn’t realize he was playing that can’t be good for him. He wants a spot next year, but his play suggests more time in Utica.

Not much in the way of scoring chances for the rest of the period. You know who has had a great game so far…..Dan Hamhuis. I hope he resigns….for cheap. The period ends the same as the first.

3rd Period

I’m out of writing shape. It’s been awhile since I did a recap so you’ll have to excuse me and my lack of vocabulary when I describe my feelings about the Boedker goal.


That was a quick way to knock the steam out of the Nucks and their fans. Wait, I’m sorry, the fans were already dead in their seats. There was a lot of discussion on twitter about “real fans” this week. I don’t know what the definition is and I’m might be wrong here, but I think there are a lot of people in the stands who don’t get excited about their team.

The fans had less to cheer about as Martinsen walked…ok, skated passed Vey (I jinxed him with earlier praise) and roofed one short side on Miller. Miller was down far too early as he thought the puck was going to be dragged along the ice for a shot. Instead the Canucks were down two.

Ryan Miller saved a 4th goal as the puck transformed into a pinball and tried to deflect into the net.

I really hope this guy has daughters and he does this at the grocery store and the mall and when new boyfriends come over.

As good as the Vey line has been tonight in the offensive zone in creating shots, the opposite can be said of the 4th line of AMFB/McCann/Vrbs. They could be the poster line for no chemistry.

The Canucks pulled Ryan Miller with over 2 minutes left. I am trying to remember if this ever worked for the Nucks. Well it didn’t work here. The Canucks lose another one in the third and continue to bring smiles to #teamtank. Tryamkin and Pedan play ok in the third and Hamhuis finished with 28 minutes of ice time.

The Nucks go to Edmonton on Friday to see McDavid.

You can find all of the stats here