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GAME DAY COFFEE- Mar 16/16- Canucks vs Colorado

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Monday night was pretty terrible, even by the standards of this year's version of the Canucks. They got their collective asses handed to them by a team that they should have been able to handle, and lost a few more players to the Injury Ninja in the process.

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It might have been looked at as an attempt at comedy by any other coach when at yesterday's press conference, Willie Desjardins pulled out a list so that he could read off the names of the injured Canucks, but it was more out of necessity than anything else. On the er... bright side? Sure, we'll go with bright side, the Canucks can finally unveil their new Russian secret weapon in Nikita Tryamkin. And that necessity to call up reinforcements means they've also brought Andrey Pedan back in from Utica, which is something I wanted to see them do anyway, a) because Pedan's played well for the Comets, and should be getting a closer look for next season and b) it makes sense to have a Russian-speaking player in the lineup to help acclimatize Tryamkin as he begins his NHL journey.

We've discussed a lot about the pros and cons of social media when it comes to how we look at the game these days, and while some have a definite distaste for certain elements of it, one has to agree that it's brought us closer as fans to the game than ever before. We get instant updates from teams and media, and even a chance to interact (though many choose to be assholes in this element, on both sides. Civility isn't even an afterthought in many cases). The one thing that's really struck me this year is the number of people who believe that this is somehow the darkest day this franchise has ever faced. It's comical, really. And at the risk of sounding like Grandpa Simpson, you kids should tie an onion to your belt and listen for a dang minute.

There have been years the Canucks and their fans have suffered through where they'd pray the next season turned out like this one. Sure, there's a bit of a shock given last year's results, but so much of last year was luck and taking advantage of Bettman points, which ironically is one of the things that's bitten this team on their collective asses this year. Had this team been able to win in OT the way they have in the past, and we might actually be able to talk about the playoffs. That's not a statement that this team is just unlucky though. They deserve to be where they are, because by every measurement you care to use: statistical or just the good ol' eye test, this team sucks. But they've been worse, and with the young players that are coming in, there's hope for the future. There's other work that needs to be done: more dead wood to be cleared, obvious holes that need to be filled via free agency, and they're going to need to continue to amass talent through the draft. Just remember that it can get so much worse, and that getting the highest draft pick possible is going to be one of the things this team needs to get back to respectability.


All systems are идти

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Today a shoutout to the legendary hardcore band Bad Brains, who are going through some pretty tough times. Last year guitarist Dr. Know suffered severe organ failure after a cardiac arrest in November, and now we've learned vocalist HR is suffering from SUNCT, which is similar to cluster headaches. The excruciating pain has led cluster headaches to be called 'Suicide Syndrome'. Both men's families have started fundraising efforts to help pay the mounting medical costs here and here.