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Game Day Coffee- Mar 1/16- Canucks vs Islanders- Darkness Descends

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In a way it's a good thing. Younger Canucks fans had no idea about the horrid struggles of the past. Now, they will see for themselves as the Canucks plunge headfirst into abyss of uselessness.

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What happened yesterday was caused by a number of things. It's not just one particular person's fault, though there's some that share a larger portion of the blame than others. In the end, there's only one thing that can save the Canucks right now: This team needs to tank, and tank hard. If they don't come out of this season with a pick in the top 5 of this summer's draft, they're screwed.

So why couldn't Benning get things done? With Dan Hamhuis and Radim Vrbata, he had two seemingly desirable pieces that Cup contenders could add to bolster their rosters for a playoff run, yet both remain with the team. Not only that, but the so-called 'Garage Sale 7' are all still here too. The only movement was to see Adam Cracknell be snapped up by the Oilers. Is it that there wasn't a workable deal for the Canucks? Was Benning's ask too much on any player offered? Was ownership involved to the point of detriment? Either way, the things that the previous regime was criticized for have happened all over again. A team that was a win away from the Stanley Cup 5 years ago is now crumbling to the ground.

Some have been critical of the new management team from the moment they were hired. Some have said they need 2-3 years to be able to put their stamp on this team. I had felt 2 years would be the time frame to judge them, and I will be honest: I don't need the rest of the year to make my decision. They told us change is coming. I say keep it coming, and let it include ownership. Purge this gawd-forsaken team of everyone responsible for the mess they are in, from top to bottom and start over. If you want to know why the Oilers are in the mess they're in, it's because so many of the incompetent people who should have lost their jobs over that team being so bad for so long, didn't. The Canucks are in serious danger of following the Oilers down that wretched path.

I have been a Canucks fan pretty much since I was 4 years old, when my family moved to BC. I have followed the team through some truly horrid times. Years and years of futility, of poor asset management, incompetence, and a healthy dose of just plain bad luck. The fans of this team have put up with a lot. Decisions made that seemed to be bordering on insanity. The mismanagement of Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider alone would be reason enough for me to not judge a person walking away from this team. And for the first time, I have had those thoughts. Why on earth should I continue to emotionally invest in a team that is so utterly clueless? A team that just seems to spit in the faces of their fan base, and be more concerned with the bottom line, while putting forth a product that's not worth the price on the ticket.

I know I can't walk away. Sadly, it's because of how long I have been a fan of this team. That I have invested all that time, energy and emotion. Though I should likely know better, I will continue to follow this team as it nose dives into futility. But I will not be quiet. I will continue to criticize, and not just be a cheerleader. Being a good fan is not about trying to put a positive spin on things. Sometimes you can't, and that's a fact. When your team is a flaming pile of garbage, and management and ownership show up in a firetruck, but spray the fire with gas and not water, the last thing you should do is say things like "I Still Believe", because you know what? I don't. I don't believe you can fix this team. I don't believe you can manage the actual assets, ones that should have us excited for the future, in a way that will lead to success. It's not on the fans to blindly accept when you tell us everything is going to be okay. We know it's not. Fix this. We have given you BILLIONS along with our loyalty. The time to repay is NOW. Everything this team does from this moment on will be judged differently. Do they care about their fans and actual success? Or is this just a brand, used to prop up a financial portfolio?

Oh, and there's a game tonight. We're probably going to win, because that's what will help the least.


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