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Canucks Trade Rumors: Hamhuis Likely To Return On Saturday

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It has been 2 months since Dan Hamhuis took a point-shot puck to the face from Dan Boyle. His recovery from a broken face are well documented:

I wondered if he uses the full face shield or just the jaw protector shield when he returns to action. The full-face shield surely cannot be all that advantageous vision-wise. What player would like that?

Regardless, Hamhuis and the Canucks team are on the hot seat in regards to GM Jim Benning. Jim is going to watch this team closely and if they are going to fail leading up to the NHL Trade Deadline in 3 weeks then he is quite likely gonna pull the trigger on his trade gun. Benning recently talked about his plans with TSN 1040, where he said that teams are going to be watching him, but that Hammer is an important part of this team. However, he said that he'll wait and see over the next 3 weeks before making a decision.An important part of the team. Hey, do you want some advanced stats proof? Check this out:

That is from Fansided's Janik Beichler's pro Hammer post a month ago.

Hamhuis wants to stay in Vancouver. His family lives in BC. Much of, (I'm not entirely sure how much of) his wife's family lives here. He met her while playing for the Price George Cougars so... The Vancouver Sun's Iain McIntyre said during the second intermission of tonight's Canucks/Blue Jackets game that Hamhuis told him that he would take a pay cut to stay here, "but just don't tell Benning that". Hey, IMac said that. It is not hard for me personally to believe. Hamhuis could have run for greener pastures prior to signing here in the first place put took less money, in a free agency time that really lacked defencemen, and signed here for a $4.5 million contract. Hammer is not some greedy schmuck.

I hate to say this...but some wonder if it's a great idea to trade Hamhuis for maximum value at the trade deadline to a Cup contender and then re-sign him again in the summer. I don't quite trust this concept. If the contending team trades for him and the asking price is high and they spend high...then why wouldn't they want to be able to have the option to re-sign Hamhuis in the summer? I guess I can answer my own question by using very-previous history. Last year the Blackhawks traded a prospect and a 1st round pick to the Coyotes in exchange for Antoine Vermette. Vermette had no goals and 3 assists in the final 19 games of Chicago's season. He then scored 4 goals and 3 assists in the playoffs, 3 of those goals being game-winners. The Hawks won the Cup. Then Vermette signed a 2 year $7.5 million deal with the Coyotes that following summer. He cashed in. The Hawks were cash-strapped after the Toews-Kane uber-deals, but the really rolled the dice on him that previous trade deadline.

OK fine. So, if it comes to pass,  a Cup-contending team should cough up the big price on Hamhuis at the trade deadline regardless of his intentions. There are internet rumblings of the Penguins and Capitals keeping a close eye on Hamhuis.

We shall see what happens. But allow me to open a poll for all y'all: