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If you're up at 5 am like us, you must be a hockey fan. Or stupid. Probably both. Either way, today could be a monumental one for the direction of the Vancouver Canucks. Grab some coffee and join us, won't you?

It's a situation playing itself out like a slow motion car crash. The Canucks letting things slip away slowly, day by day, as the dim light of the playoffs fades from view. And while other teams either load up for the post season, or prepare for the future, Jim Benning seems to letting a lot of opportunities pass by. Will Dan Hamhuis and Radim Vrbata be traded? Will we see other Canucks shipped out as the rebuild moves into high gear? These next 7 hours will tell us (hopefully) what we need to know.

We're going to do our best to track multiple sources for you, and throughout the day fill you in on any of the particulars if any trades involving the Canucks go down. One thing we need to stress, is a few simple rules.

1. Before posting links or tweets, verify them. It's one of the days when many fall to the idiots who troll with fake accounts. So if you see something you want to post here, make sure the source is legit. If it's a real account but you're not sure of the info, make sure and say as much in your post.

2. Check to see if it's already been posted. It's great to be first, but sometimes somebody will beat you to the punch. Refresh the page if you need to, and make sure that you're not throwing out info that's already here.

3. Things are tense, so keep it cool. Between people who are pro or anti-tank, fans of GMJB or not, no one's really enjoying things these days. So let's just all remember to not take things personally, alright? Also, we expect a fair amount of visitors today, so make people feel welcome here. We do want them to come back, so let them know we appreciate them taking the time to pop by and chat.