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Game Day Coffee- Feb 28/16- Canucks vs San Jose- Fast As A Shark

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The streaky, upside down season continues as the Canucks look for their first 3 game win streak of the season, and let's face it, if you want to see the Canucks make the playoffs then this afternoon's battle against the Sharks is the biggest game of the season to date.

It all started off against San Jose, right here in Victoria. The Canucks hosted the San Jose Sharks in the Kraft Hockeyville game, winning it in OT on a goal from hometown boy Adam Cracknell, so it`s fitting that today`s Hometown Hockey location is back here in Victoria. The Canucks face the Sharks a mind-blowing 3 times this week (along with a visit from the Islanders on Tuesday) in what is without a doubt the toughest month of their schedule. They play Nashville, St Louis and Winnipeg twice, and have games against LA and Chicago thrown in there as well. They either come together and roll towards that improbable playoff spot, or they get destroyed, tumble to the basement and a lottery pick. Tonight should give us a pretty clear indication if they`re ready to move up or down.

It could also be the last game in a Canucks uniform for a number of players, most notably Dan Hamhuis. While the opportunity to go to Chicago and Washington has come and gone, Dallas is still reportedly in the mix, which seems just as unlikely as the Canucks battling their way to a playoff spot given the ownership of the two teams`distaste for each other. In the end though, business is business and we`ll see what actually transpires on deadline day tomorrow. Also, if you don`t do well with Twitter rage, you will want to stay off there as it`s gonna get ugly barring some last minute removal of Dan Hamhuis from the lineup, and god help the internet if he gets hurt during this game.

The Canucks sit 10 points behind the Sharks right now. This is the first of 5 meetings between the teams, with the 5th match falling on March 31st. You don`t have to be a genius to see just how important this game, and each one going forward is. The Canucks haven`t been able to string together a winning streak all season, but doing so this week would go a hell of a long way to salvaging what has seemed at times to be a lost cause. It`s that, or they throw things into cruise control, we spend the rest of the season discussing whether or not Willie Desjardins should be fired, and prepare to see if the Canucks finally have the hockey gods make amends for that spin of the wheel back in 1970.


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Given the whole Hometown Hockey thing going on today, what better time to go with some hometown metal? TORREFY are a Victoria-based thrash band who have a new album coming out this spring. Here's an unmixed preview track off 'The Infinity Complex' for you, and remember: Support local music no matter what genre you're into!