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Canucks comeback in the third to beat the Sens 5-3.

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Matt Bartkowski had three points and Jake Virtanen notched the winner as the Nucks won their second game in a row.

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The Canucks went into Thursday’s game with a 1 game winning streak. I know. But let’s keep it positive around here ok. The Canucks were only 10 points out of a playoff spot. I guess I kind of broke my own advice there, didn’t I. The first meeting in Ottawa was a 3-2 Senators win. The game itself was kind of a reprieve from looking at Twitter and TSN, waiting for news of trade. Hell, it kind seems the games are just window dressing until the 29th passes. This could be Hamhuis’s last game….sniff. This game was game one for Markus Granlund as a Canuck. Did everyone know Dion Phaneuf was a Senator now? Yeah, I didn’t care either.

Big thank you to the men and women in the Armed Forces. You do the job I don’t want.

1st Period

First thing I notice about the game…empty seats. Lazy Vancouverites. You can’t get away from trade talk even while the game is on.

Linden Vey got an early chance after a nifty pass from the new guy Granlund, but vey deked himself out.

Matt Bartkowski makes a rare great play to step up and steal a pass in the neutral zone which he then passed to Etem, who dropped it to Vey. Of course Linden shot the puck, fortunately Etem went to the net and put the rebound in to make it 1-0.

I just noice Biega and Sbisa are playing together. I thought the devil’s number was 666, not 5 & 55. I’m here all night folks, tip your waiter jimmi. Who would have thought that it would have Tanev to get the first penalty of the game? Chris is going to ask to have the glass extended 2 inches to prevent those delay of game infractions. The Canucks kill that penalty just to have Mike Hoffman tip a point shot by Ryan Miller.

Second random thought of the night. Vey and Etem work well together. If each of them could only grow 2 inches and gain 15 pounds each, they would dominate. Craig Anderson had to make a diving save on Daniel Sedin to keep the score tied. That should be on the scouting report…shot from anywhere on Anderson as he gives up some bed rebounds and he likes to come out and play the puck. Too bad Vrbata is hurt, although he may try one from the press box.

The Canucks went on the PP with less than a minute left in the period and then let Mark Stone get behind the defense to get a breakaway. Ryan Miller saved their ass and the period ended 1-1.

2nd Period

Daniel got the best chance at the end of the PP as he ripped a slapshot off the wing. The Senators got two more chances of their own that Miller able to stop. And then Miller robbed Bobby Ryan from close in. The Sens outshot the Nucks 6-1 in the first 4 minutes. After killing off a Dorsett penalty, the Sedins played around with the Sens defense for a shift and had a couple scoring chances. One in particular was pure Sedinery. Both Hank and Daniel were in front of the net, a couple feet part. Hank had his back to the goalie, so he passed the puck between his legs the 2 feet to his brother for a shot.

There was a lot of back and forth for the next 9 minutes and not a lot of whistles. Etem had another chance on a rebound as he tried to go around Anderson. To this point Granlund has been very active and has read Vey/Etem very well. The Canucks did well to equal the shot total midway through the period.

After a big hit by Pylon Phaneuf on Dorsett and some scrappiness by Burrows, the Nucks are able to get a PP. But a tired PP was burned for a goal by Mark Stone on a 2 on 1. 4 forwards on a PP sometimes leads to bad decisions.

The Canucks were quick to recover as the second miracle of the night occurred as Bartkowski was able to put a wobbly slapshot by Anderson to tie the game. Granlund got his first point as a Canuck on that unintended pass.

Dion Phaneuf may have moved a couple hours east of T.O., but don’t worry…..he’s still a prick. Virtanen had been hit earlier by Virtanen and those two got sent off for incidentals with 4 minutes left. On the 4 on 4 Mark Methot was able to get by Etem and Biega, then passes off to an open Bobby Ryan to take the lead and the period ended that way.

3rd Period

I want all of you to think if you have really seen a miracle. And I don’t mean dumb luck or a lucky break; I mean a true act of god miracle. I think tonight was the night.

The Sens tried to challenge it…but miracles can’t be stopped. Even after a 10 minute review. So now it’s time for all of us go buy 44 on a lottery ticket and wait for our winnings.

You know what the Nucks have really struggled to do this year, come back when down coming into the third period. (only 2 times before tonight) The urgency sometimes isn’t there or the breaks didn’t go their way, but tonight was different. You know if Bart is getting multiple goals tonight would be the night. Marcus Granlund almost had his first goal as Hutton sprung him for a breakaway , which Anderson stopped.

The fourth line came right back and pinned the Sens in their end while get some good chances. The Canucks did a good job of clogging the neutral zone and forcing the Sens to turn it over.

The third PP of the Nucks had some nice puck movement without a great shot until Virtanen and Horvat do the give and go on a rush that got a lucky bounce which Jake put into the back of the net.

The Sens had their last gasp attack with 4 minutes left as Mark Stone hit the crossbar. The Sens pull their goalie, but Vey and Etem put pressure on the Sens in their own zone which leads to Etem’s second of the night.

Canucks win 5-3 and move 2 points away from Austin Matthews.

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