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UPDATE: Larsen Signs; Canucks add another Danish player, Philip Larsen

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Benning makes another move...just not a major one.The Canucks trade a 5th round pick in the 2017 draft for the Oilers, Philip Larsen.

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July 1 Update: Canucks have signed Larsen to a one year deal.

Keep in mind this 5th rounder becomes a 4th rounder next summer should Larsen hit certain performance thresholds next season.


After the Canucks put out their "Wish to move list" today, Jim Benning called Peter Chiarelli and asked him for the rights to Danish defenseman Philip Larsen. It only cost the Nucks a 5th round pick in the 2017 draft. Of course now the Nucks have to sign the two time defenseman of the week this year in the KHL. But I'm sure once Jannik Hansen knocks on Larsen's door, he won't be able to say no. Actually Larsen's agent has been quoted as saying his client wants to return to the NHL, just not with Edmonton. Go figure.


The 26 year old Larsen was a 5th round pick of Dallas, so it's only fair he will cost Vancouver a 5th round pick in return.The Nucks need right handed D-men and Larsen is a mobile, offensive minded player who can also play defense.

Not the blockbuster we are all waiting for, but you can't say that the scouting team is not checking out all avenues when it comes to available players.

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