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Hunter Shinkaruk Traded To Calgary for Markus Granlund

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For the second consecutive season Vancouver hits up rival Calgary for some unwanted prospects but was losing Shinkaruk the right move?

Hello sir.
Hello sir.
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Update: A bit more into the background:

In last night's gamethread we wondered aloud why there was no movement to get Hunter Shinkaruk up from Utica and now we know why:

Benning will address the media shortly, but the return feels off considering they move a prospect with a lot of upside and was about to break the Utica Comets goal record for another prospect who has "...simmered down to pure ineffectiveness, almost unnoticeable on the ice."

Or put more succinctly:

Perhaps Baertschi's play made Shinkaruk expendable (updateconfirmed) or perhaps it was something else, we'll need to wait for Benning to speak. No doubt the return probably won't quell the masses heading into the deadline a week from today.

Then again before your pitchfork comes out here's another angle:

The trade is pretty fair. While Shinkaruk has the sparkle next to his name as a touted player for many years, and being a first round pick, Granlund has arguably been as much if not more impressive as a pro. Shinkaruk has the dynamic skill that makes you dream on big-time upside, but Granlund is no slouch either in terms of skill. He can make plays with the puck and shows good vision, even though he’s not a high-end player in terms of skating.

Granlund also has the positional advantage of being able to play down the middle competently, and has adjusted to the AHL/NHL ranks slightly better than Shinkaruk has. Hunter though can make particular type of elite offensive plays than Granlund can’t ratchet himself up to. Shinkaruk has struggled with the physical nature of the pro level, has shown a lot of inconsistencies in his offensive game, and isn’t as good defensively as Granlund.

A look at Granlund by the numbers:

I just do not envy this man.

We'll update with more as we get it.