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Another shot at this stat: The Canucks after 50 games

This is the third edition of looking at CCR (Corsi Conversion Ratio) for the Canucks. Might as well look at it all year to see if it shows the patterns we all see.

The All-star game has come and gone and the reality of what lies ahead for Canuck fans is smacking us in the face like a John Scott elbow. Chances of getting to the playoffs with the schedule that lies ahead…slim. The trade deadline is our next aneurysm and will show us all if we are going into full build mode or still re-tooling.

I thought I would bring back my completely made up advanced stat to show where the Nucks stand after 50 games when it comes to chances created and given up versus goals scored for and against. I will point out again that this adv. stat , CCR (Corsi Conversion Rate), is a better autopsy tool than predictive and so it probably re-enforces the patterns most of us have seen. The stats used are only 5 on 5 numbers and the players must have over 200 minutes of ice time 5vs5 to be on this list. (**Etem’s numbers are from all year)

Here is the stat refresher:




Here is CCR after 50 games:


A surprise for me was how bad the Corsi numbers were in general but then again, after that roadtrip and being outshot infinity to 10 every game; it should have been no surprise. Bo Horvat is going to have low numbers for the rest of the year as he is the go to defensive guy. (Bo, Biega and Sbisa all over 60 CA/60). Dan Hamhuis may have more trade value than I thought, as his numbers are relatively the same as Tanev when it comes to shutting teams down. Hutton’s number’s have actually improved over the year, while Prust has dropped like a hot potato. (Here is the post I made after 29 games.)

I know some will feel that this stat doesn’t show “enough” of what a player contributes, and they are right. But, it does show us over time which players are more reliable at even strength if all things were equal. I do know that Bo/Radim together has been a miserable failure this year on offense and defense.