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Brandon Prust Waived, Try And Look Surprised

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Seriously. Just try, ok?

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Some familiar faces in sad places, all summed up one Tweet this morning from Elliotte Friedman:

First off, old pal Mason Raymond, now the second time he's been tossed onto the waivers this year by Calgary. Mayray carries a $3.15 million cap hit on his current deal which isn't enough to justify his 4-1-5 in 29 games this season. Even if it is Calgary, it's a bit sad to former Canuck speedster (and spinorama master) hit the skids.

More to the here and now, the Brandon Prust experiment appears to be at an end. This falls in line with the Canucks clearing out veteran salaries for younger players (Chris Higgins notably was the first example), though the build-up to Prust's frequent scratches from the NY Rangers game on didn't help either. Prust, a UFA at the end of the year, will likely end his time in Vancouver with a 1-6-7 statline in 35 games with 50 PIMs to boot, a far cry from his 2010-11 career-best season with the Rangers.

Prust still has value to a team ready to go on a long run in the spring, so while he may not be claimed before tomorrow you'd have to think Benning will do his best to get value of him by the deadline.

In the meantime, Derek Dorsett will remain the babysitter out there (or so the logic goes).

At least Prust gave us this. Which will never get old. Never.