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Daniel & Henrik: GoPro After Dark

Ever wanted to get inside the heads of the Sedin Brothers? Thanks to the folks at GoPro, you can experience Wizardous Sedinery like never before.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports


We've all heard of the GoPro cameras, right? The cameras that attach to helmets, and provide for some amazing POV looks at all manner of subjects, and they seem to really help bring sports fans a look at their  favorite games like never before. Today the folks at GoPro released their latest episode of the 'After Dark' series with none other than the Vancouver Canucks Daniel and Henrik Sedin. We in this neck of the woods refer to the playmaking abilities of the Sedins as Wizardous Sedinery. This seemingly telekinetic connection between the twins that allows them to make the kind of jaw-dropping plays we have become accustomed to. While you can't actually get inside their heads, this is as close as you could possibly get to it, as we watch them show their stuff with the GoPro cameras.

After you watch the video, make sure and check out the other ones, they're pretty entertaining, and a great showcase of some of the NHL's finest talents.