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Game Day Coffee- Feb 19/16- Canucks @ Calgary- Falling Fast

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Another day, another 5-2 loss at home. How bad has it gotten? People are starting to point out that the Canucks were better at this stage of the season under Torts. Ouch...

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Last night went pretty much the way I thought it would go. Another loss where the Canucks were outworked, by every possible measuring stick you choose to use. Granted, they actually appeared to show up at stretches during the game, but the same recurring problems continue to bite this team on the ass when it comes to achieving their stated goal of making the playoffs.

Sure, there were some glimpses that they could hang with Anaheim. They played decently in the 1st period. That PP goal by Sven Baertschi was a thing of beauty. And Jake Virtanen looked like a wrecking ball out there at times. Let's face it, who didn't enjoy seeing Jake knock Ryan Kesler on his ass? At the end of the day, defensive breakdowns, penalties at inopportune times by a 4th line that apart from Virtanen brings a whole lot of nothing, and a not good enough performance from Ryan Miller adds up to a loss. I am hesitant to blame either goalie for losses these days, simply because the defensive play of this team is so consistently awful, it genuinely feels unfair to blame them for being hung out to dry night after night.

And tonight it's another huge divisional matchup. A win over the Flames, who have themselves struggled of late, and the Canucks can continue to sell that sliver of hope they're clinging to. A loss, and we can prepare not just for the Flames to overtake the Canucks in the standings, as they would move to within 1 of the Canucks, but we can also genuinely prepare for a sale on the 29th at the NHL trading deadline. Anyway, expect Jacob Markstrom in goal tonight, as the Flames go with Jonas Hiller.


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