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Quack Attack! Canucks Lose 5-2 To Ducks

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Yea....I don't like seeing him smile anymore
Yea....I don't like seeing him smile anymore

Period 1

Didn't see it. I work a lot. Let me try make some stuff up for ya!

I saw some highlights. Kevin Bieksa hit the post. Henrik Sedin actually shot the puck on a 2 on 1! John Gibson read that play easily. A good cycle play led to a good scoring chance for Linden Vey. A huge save by Ryan Miller on an in-close chance for Mike Santorelli. Holy hell! Miller got caught behind the net and Luca Sbisa makes a save on David Perron! He's the man!

Shots: 10-9 Ducks

Hits: 14-9 Ducks

Power plays: Ducks 0/1, Canucks 0/1

Faceoffs after 1: 60% Ducks 40% Canucks. Kesler won all 6 of his draws.

Period 2

OK, now this I saw!

The Canucks had about 1:00 of PP time to start the period but nothing happened. Very soon after Rickard Rackell took a pass from Sami Vatanen and streaked towards Ryan Miller, blowing a slapshot over Miller's glove side. Mike Santorelli with the second assists. I miss that guy. Remember when the Ducks sucked at scoring this season? They have been averaging 4 goals per game in their last 12.

-Why is a Vrbata-Cracknell-Baertschi line a good thing, Willie?

10:00 have gone by in period 2 and not much has happened at all. I wanna turn this crap off! It's boring. Oh wait, Cracknell just took a delay of game penalty....oh and hey! Sami Vatanen blows a shot past Miller very early on that PP! Rogers Arena is so quiet now that I just heard a mouse fart. Call me negative all you want, but I don't even give the Canucks a 5% chance of coming back in this one.

-What the? Did Sbisa just make a skate save on Rackell?

Ryan Kesler then takes a penalty and some of the crowd cheers. The Canucks choke on the power play and the crowd is restless. It's awkward, really.

2:44 left and David Perron takes a penalty. Surely the Canucks can do better on the PP.......BOO BIRDS ARE OUT! Not even a shot on goal or any o-zone pressure on that PP. Oh my!

The only thing worse than that period was a Mandy Moore movie. Hell, Vanilla Ice had more hits than that period.

Ducks pretty much dominated that boring period.

Shots after 2: 23-15 Ducks

Power plays after 2: Ducks 1/2, Canucks 0/3

Faceoffs after 2: 52% Ducks 48% Canucks

Period 3

Bo Horvat has a spirited first shift of the period. His linemate Derek Dorsett tries to start something with Corey Perry after the whistle but Perry wants no part of that. Double D trying to light a spark. Both go off and we get some 4 on 4. Jannik Hansen shoots on a 2 on 1 and Gibson makes the easy save, Ducks go the other way 3 on 1 and Ryan Getzlaf blows a slapper past Miller. Right after that the Canucks' defence shits the bed (Hamhuis) and Josh Manson is left all alone in front of Miller and gets to dish the puck into the net, while drinking a cream soda after taking a pass from behind the net. He had all the time in the world. Poor Miller. 4-0 Ducks. Fans are jeering now.

GOAL!!!! A couple minutes later the Ducks finally make a big mistake clearing their zone (Manson), failing to clear the puck from their zone, Daniel Sedin centers a pass to Hansen who one-hands a shot past Gibson.

Well at least the Canucks have more balls this period and the game has become more-fathomable to watch from an entertainment perspective.

What's Twitter doing?

True story:

True story because:

Sad....but I'm not surprised. How about you, Smoboy41?

Mix prescription drugs with your alcohol because:

With 8:00 left Henrik makes a beauty pass to Sven Baertschi on the PP and Bae buries it! Huh....4-2 now...oh, so NOW the crowd is into it.

And so, the Canucks are into it as well, finally showing more emotion, but then Cracknell takes a penalty...nothing doing for the Quacks. Ryan Miller made a big save on Perry.

-Wow the Rog has emptied out.

-Right after the Ducks' PP ends Miller makes another huge glove save on Silverberg after a brutal Cousin Sven giveaway.

-With 3:16 left Gibson makes a huge save on Horvat. Willie then pulls Miller for the extra attacker.

-Of all people, Kevin Bieksa clears the Ducks zone moments later and the puck goes into the empty net.

-The Ducks are about to finish their road trip 5-1-1. The Canucks are dropping their 6th straight at home. The Canucks finish the game by continuing their attack against the deflated Canucks team.

I know the Canucks are re-tooling, but when they come out this damned flat for most of the game, the coach's job has to be in question.


Final basic stats:

Shots Final: 33-21 Ducks

Power plays:: Ducks 1/3, Canucks 1/4

Faceoffs:: 55% Ducks 45% Canucks

Hits: Canucks 24 Ducks 23. Nudges count, right?

Getzlaf, Racknell and Vatanen had 2 points each.

Horvat, Dorsett and Vrbata each a -2.

I am NOT a team tank dude. But this team seems to want to tank itself. I am disgusted. What a shitty effort.

(thank you, jimmi.cynic)

How about an anti-tank?

Video highlights: