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Lunchtime Links: Not With a Bang, But a Whimper Edition

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Having lost to some of the worst teams in the league on home ice lately, February 29 and June 24 loom ever larger in Canuck fans' consciousness.

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Here are the highlights from last night's game. Watch if you have a strong stomach.

On the heels of last night's debacle, one thing seems clear. Any goodwill the team built up last week during the mom's road trip is well and truly gone. Losing is one thing. Losing meekly to poor teams is different. The effort over the past two games, I feel, has made management's mind up regarding the trade deadline. Forget worrying about filling Rogers Arena for playoff games. I have no idea how they are going to sell tickets in March.

Ed Willies says the team's moribund effort last night may begin Willie-watch.

Iain MacIntyre says retooling on the fly is testing an impatient city's patience.

Carol Schram with her wrap up from last night, and a slideshow of the worst deadline day trades of the past decade.

From Around the League

Capitals Insider blog in the Washington Post says Dan Hamhuis' cap hit might be difficult for the Washington Capitals to digest at the trade deadline. Mike Weber of Buffalo or Roman Polak of Toronto might be better targets.

Yesterday's statement from Steve Yzerman regarding Steven Stamkos was issued jointly with Stamkos' people. They hope to reduce distractions and focus on hammering out a deal.

USAToday hockey writers Kevin Allen and Kristen J. Shilton debate whether Stamkos will be a Maple Leaf next season.

The Raleigh News & Observer says the time has come for the Carolina Hurricanes to trade Cam Ward and Eric Staal.

Lyle Richardson asks, what if the NHL Salary Cap drops next season?

The Hockey News has an in-depth profile of Eric Lindros. Puck Daddy reviews, and pokes holes in, the piece.

The Toronto Star has a watchful eye on the NHL's race to the bottom of the standings.

I dare you not to click to read a story whose headline includes "beer can to the genitals".

Puck Daddy asks "Do you leave hockey games early?"

UPDATE: Here is Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts this week.

Kelsey Cook tells you why announcing a death with a text message may not be the best idea.