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Game Day Coffee- Feb 15/16- Abandon All Hope, Yeo Who Enter Here

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Saturday night's loss to the Leafs was, without a doubt the most disappointing, frustrating, and embarrassing loss of the Willie Desjardins era. But if you think that was bad, just wait til you see what the Minnesota Wild do to them tonight.

It's not really a shock, but it's not really fair either. Sadly, one of the things about sports is that high expectations and millions of dollars demand results, and when you lose 9 in a row, owners like to make changes, and one of the easiest is behind the bench. Is Mike Yeo the problem in Minnesota? Probably not. But make no bones about it: The Minnesota Wild are gonna come out tonight and lay a beating on the Canucks because they got Yeo fired.

Sure, they're gonna hype this game up (and when it's Minnesota, you need all the hype you can get. Prediction: LOTS of talk about empty seats tonight), and imply that it has ramifications for the Canucks and playoffs, but let's be honest here: the real ramifications are on what spot the Canucks pick in the draft. Playoffs are not, and have not been an option for this team. Even if they were to make it, tell me one team above them you could see the Canucks taking out in a best of 7. Is there one? Not bloody likely.

So here we are, fresh off a game where even the broadcasters were openly mocking Willie for constantly turning to Linden Vey as opposed to the Sedins. One where a defensive injury meant calling up a guy in Yannick Weber who was just put on waivers, then played over the newly re-signed Alex Biega. He also stunk up the joint in one of his worst personal games of the year, and that's saying something. I will tell you this, I am gonna be plenty pissed if Biega's not back in the lineup tonight.


- That was quite the bombshell on Saturday, about the Aqualini's not letting Benning rebuild, eh? Lots of talk about how they need to let Linden and Benning do their jobs on TSN1040...

What to do with the Canucks?

- Though their assessment of our defence corps is laughable, still a good pregamer from our pals at Hockey Wilderness

- And that other nugget to come out of Saturday night? Burr says not true he'd waive his NTC


Minnesota's not exactly a hot bed when it comes to metal bands, but my favorite from that state has always been POWERMAD. They released an EP and a full length back in the late 80's then dropped off the map, but re-emerged a couple years ago, recently releasing their 2nd album. This is my first listen to it, but I like what I hear.